Dark Space People Walking in XI Jinping!

Ever since Mr. Biden’s U.S. presidency was confirmed, China’s dictatorship has escalated with China arresting and imprisoning countless Hong Kong activists, day after day. The slowly unfolding Chinese schemes are so horrendous that they make us doubt whether Xi Jinping is truly a human being.

Ryuho Okawa, founder and CEO of Happy Science, recorded a spiritual message titled “Zoroaster—How to Fight Against the God of Darkness in the Universe” on Jan. 13. In it, Zoroaster, the founder of Zoroastrianism, pointed out, “There’s no doubt that Xi Jinping’s personality shifted when he became president of China. Xi Jinping is possessed [by evil space people].”

Furthermore, he disclosed that Dark space people inhabited (*) both Nazi Germany’s Hitler, who committed the genocide of over six million people, and the Soviet Union’s Stalin, who killed over seven million Ukrainians by famine, starting at a certain point.

This reveals that inhumane massacres and oppressions by totalitarian nations were strongly influenced by dark forces of space.

Evil Aliens Walk Right into Those Who Have an Excessive Desire for Power
The similarity between the three dictators is an excessive desire for control. Zoroaster said, “All totalitarian thoughts have the same tendency. In the end, they only think about controlling [the people] with a faceless army, and they are satisfied as long as their commands are obeyed.”

Many researchers psychoanalyze that “the dictators were abnormal from birth.” However, when people with inordinate desire for power who cannot even control their own minds become national leaders, evil aliens walk into their desire for control. Destroying the physical bodies of these authoritative figures will not solve the root of the problem; totalitarian ideology itself must be destroyed or else the alien will move on to a different person who will become the next dictator. Thus, enlightenment of ideologies becomes extremely important.

Footnote: Phenomenon in which alien souls enter the body of a human as a spiritual entity.
Dark Space People Walking in XI Jinping!
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