Recognize the World War That China Is Triggering!
China Starts World War III With COVID-19 [Part 8]

During Hitler’s rise to power, many people were oblivious to Hitler’s encroachment at the time. We may be encountering a “Second Hitler” — mankind mustn’t repeat the same mistake.

China is aiming for the downfall of Anglo-Saxon countries and India with an enhanced virus that allows for applications known as D614G.

Many countries are expecting vaccines, but according to Satoshi Omura, a Distinguished Emeritus Professor at Kitasato University (see monthly “Chichi” December 2020 issue), those vaccines may not be effective for 10 years. Even if the vaccine is completed, China could spread another virus that the vaccine will not work on — a game of cat and mouse.

The U.S. should be strongly opposing China; however, if the U.S. implements big tax increases or lockdowns and enter a Great Depression of the 21st century, the economy will truly collapse. At that point, China’s motive for starting a war will be satisfied.


Will a U.S.-China Reversal Take Place Next Year?

In November 2020, Mr. Xi Jinping announced a “long-term strategy” aimed at doubling its GDP by 2035. Mr. Xi will reach his goal if China makes an average annual growth of 4.7% over the next 15 years, given that the exchange rate doesn’t fluctuate. If that happens, China will surpass the U.S. in 2035.

The timeline may be adjusted with a Biden administration. If Mr. Biden comes up with policies to self-destruct the U.S. economy, China may even surpass the U.S. as early as 2021. Economic power is tied to military power, so China will surpass the U.S. in its military capability and dominate the world.

Of particular concern is the possibility that not only will China make moves to acquire Hong Kong and Taiwan, but also will conduct further oppression on the Uyghurs.

If China uses viruses with enhanced applications to wipe out anti-Chinese forces, causing developed countries to decline, international opinions to support Hong Kong and other countries under Chinese watch will weaken. This will make it easier for China to make a move.

2021 marks the 100th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party. Mr. Xi, who has yet to achieve grand accomplishments, must want to leave behind a great legacy. In that sense, Mr. Xi will most likely speed up his invasions into other countries.


American and Japanese Media Aren’t Functioning

The majority of the media are unaware of China’s intent, despite the harsh international environment awaiting us. Not only are they unaware, but the media also didn’t attempt to scientifically verify the truth behind the “China virus” that Mr. Trump and others have spoken on.

The Japanese news outlets also worship U.S. media coverage and regarded Mr. Trump as having an “abnormal personality,” forming public opinions to side with China.

The media must perform its fundamental functions in order to establish a sound democracy.


Japan Must Give Up on the Olympics and Face Reality

The Suga administration is optimistically awaiting the Tokyo Olympics to be held, but it is unlikely for a peaceful festival to be held during a war. Once again, as in the 1940 Tokyo Olympics, the Olympics may be taken away from Tokyo.

Meanwhile, the Suga administration is accepting tourists from China, the country that started a biological war, and is trying to deepen Japan’s business relationship with China. Unless the Suga administration revises its bifurcated diplomacy between the U.S. and China, it may incur God’s wrath, as indicated by the spiritual reading of Amaterasu Omikami (see January 2021 edition of the Liberty Magazine).

On the other hand, divine punishments will also fall on China. In 2020, these punishments included the outbreak of grasshoppers and floods that pushed back China’s invasion when they tried to take advantage of the coronavirus pandemic (see December 2020 edition of the Liberty Magazine). Moving forth, the heavens will most likely continue to prevent China from doing whatever it wants.

In any case, human beings on Earth will face harsh realities in terms of international politics and the economy. We must follow the divine will, stop the evil of the CCP, and protect universal values of freedom, democracy and faith.

Recognize the World War That China Is Triggering!
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