Google Restricts Freedom of Speech, Violates Antitrust Laws【Part1】

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Google removed articles by “The Liberty Web” from keyword search results. This is just the tip of the iceberg. The world’s biggest search engine is becoming a “giant brainwashing device” to control public opinion.

Big tech companies like Google are taking advantage of their market domination unfairly.

This has been rumored for a while, but their misconduct may finally come out in the open.

In October, the U.S. Department of Justice sued Google for antitrust law violations. This is said to be the biggest lawsuit since Microsoft’s court case in the 1990s.

Various committees from both chambers of the U.S. Congress have been inviting CEOs of companies including Google, Twitter and Facebook on an almost monthly basis, where they are being questioned harshly.


Search Results Side With China

There are various “charges” being made at big tech companies, one of the more serious of which is censorship. They make sure that conservative voices are hidden from the people, thereby manipulating public opinion.

One example would be if a person wanted to learn about “Coronavirus = China’s Responsibility Theory” and searches, “China, coronavirus, accountability” in Japanese.

In search engines like Bing, provided by Microsoft, some of the top results include “How China can be held legally accountable for the coronavirus pandemic” and “The Growing Calls For China’s Accountability For Covid19 Response.” This is natural.

However, when using Google’s search engine, the top result is an article titled, “China asserts that they are not responsible for coronavirus.” A counterargument is presented before you get to the Chinese responsibility theory. In addition, “How China can be held legally accountable for the coronavirus pandemic” is not in the top five results.*1 It is as if Google is advocating for China.

How about a search for “Wuhan Institute of Virology”? In Bing, the top results introduce the theory that the coronavirus was built in the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

However, in Google, the top results are once again counterarguments: “experts criticizing unbelievable theory that the virus leaked from the institute.” Similar articles make up three out of the top five articles.*2

“Coronavirus originating in the Wuhan Institute of Virology is merely a conspiracy theory that no one takes seriously.”

The search engine results portray this and it almost seems like a deliberate misdirection.

Footnote 1, 2: Those results came out when we searched in Japanese as of October.


Removed From Search Results

The search engine not only controls public opinion through a biased ordering of search results.

A news site that our editorial board operates, “The Liberty Web,” suddenly saw its traffic from Google decrease to one seventh of its usual amount.

We looked into the cause and we discovered a surprising fact. Our site was removed from the results of searches that included words like “China” and “coronavirus.”

Basically, a measure was taken to ensure that “if your site (The Liberty Web) even mentions China or the coronavirus, we will suppress you.”


Google’s Massive Censorship on “The Liberty Web”!!

The number of times our articles showed up in searches that included the word “China”

The number of times our articles showed up in searches that included the word “coronavirus”

Our website, like the title indicates, operates to protect freedom both domestically and internationally by conducting vast numbers of interviews and publishing articles. How can they “completely eliminate our products” without any explanation?

Since Oct. 10, our editorial board has repeatedly reached out to Google Japan’s legal team, sending questionnaires and interview requests. However, as of November 17, there has been no response.*3

Upon further investigation, we found a claim that several websites with certain opinion tendencies “are not as prominent in Google’s search engine results.”

This is what a “neutral” Google search engine is doing to control Japan’s public opinions.

Footnote 3: Nov. 17 was the deadline of our printed magazine, so this was written in the printed version. On Nov. 26, after our issue was published, Google Japan responded to our letters via email. The following is an excerpt from Google Japan’s comments.
“Offering access to information is part of Google’s core mission, and its searches are designed and offered to all users. The search system is built so that the most relevant and trustworthy information out of all the information on the web is shown first. The search results will not be dependent on those kinds of factors.”
Google Restricts Freedom of Speech, Violates Antitrust Laws【Part1】
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