The Australian Government Handed Over the Evidence That the Corona Virus Is a Chinese Biological Weapon


Elmer Yuen

Elmer Yuen is a CEO of Golden Bridge Technology, Inc. He was born in Shanghai in 1949, and immigrated to Hong Kong in 1957. He supports Hong Kong democratic movements and holds deep-rooted connections with the U.S. government.

A Hong Kong entrepreneur who now lives in Washington stated stunning news.

――You have always cautioned the dangers of China.

Yuen: China is not a nation. It’s really a land created by small groups of communist revolutionaries who control it in the same way as the Mafia with 90 million communist gang members. It’s like Japan being controlled by powerful Yakuza. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) speaks of a nation governed by law, but this is only a front. It’s only the packaging that is used to control the people.

If China dominates and replaces the U.S. as world leader, then we are entering a time of a different culture. And this culture is atheism.

The CCP doesn’t understand the rule of law; they don’t understand freedom, and they don’t understand democracy. They only believe in power so they can become wealthy and lead a pleasant life. The current situation with Hong Kong is a demonstration of what will happen if they become the world leader in place of the U.S.


They Won’t Care if 10 Million People Die

Yuen: Despite losing over 700,000 people from the Wuhan-originated coronavirus, the CCP continues to give additional financial support to P3 and P4 labs in China to develop different strains of virus. This is one of the strongest weapons because it’s so cheap to produce. In a report published by the U.S. Department of State a few months ago, it was revealed that China is conducting low-level nuclear tests within its nation.

Don’t underestimate China. They are willing to do things that our law and our moral standards don’t allow. On top of that, they don’t mind losing 10 million of their own people. They only consider them as robots who make money, and that they can just loosen up their birth rate if people die.

The CCP controls the U.S. business and major U.S. media, gradually increasing their influence over the world. Hollywood and NBA can’t speak up against CCP as well because they don’t want to lose the giant market with 1.4 billion people. Similarly, Japan is like this as well. NHK and all other major newspapers are very soft on China.

However, because of the corona pandemic, the world is starting to realize the dangers of the CCP.


Australia Intercepts CCP Information

――We heard that you were aware of the reason behind the Australian government turning strictly anti-China.

Yuen: What happened is that Australia grabbed hold of solid evidence that the coronavirus was man-made in the Wuhan laboratory.

This is related to the expelling of Sun Lijun, Vice Minister of Public Security, the Chinese police force. Mr. Sun was sent to Wuhan in February, where he helped cover up the origin of the virus along with the CCP.

Every politician in China has a whole stack of secrets of top leaders so they can protect themselves in case they get arrested. Mr. Sun had all this evidence and sent it to his wife in Australia, but this was discovered by the Australian intelligence.

This information has already been shared to the prism or “five eyes,” which is an intelligence and surveillance organization that consists of five nations: the U.S., the U.K., Australia, Canada and New Zealand. Furthermore, in July, people from the Australian foreign minister and defense minister came to the U.S. to meet face-to-face with U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Secretary of Defense Mark Esper, where they handed this evidence to the U.S. government.

Japan should probably get this information soon or have already. I think with this solid evidence, Japan will completely change its policy to anti-China and pro-Chinese cabinet members like Toshihiro Nikai, Secretary-General of the Liberal Democratic Party, will be eliminated.


President Trump Proceeds With His Plan to Cut Off China

――China is trying to survive in their bankrupt economy by stealing Hong Kong’s U.S. dollars.

Yuen: The Trump administration already realizes this and is trying to remove all U.S. dollars from China.

Ronald Reagan used a similar tactic to stop the Soviet Union’s foreign currency income, which ultimately led to the loss of the USSR. They were unable to develop their technology, thus lost to the U.S. in the military race, and finally collapsed. Mr. Trump is trying to stop foreign currency in the Chinese market as well. Eventually, I believe Trump is going to freeze all the U.S. dollar in the personal assets of the corrupt CCP families.

All the other countries should follow suit and immediately cut off ties with the Chinese economy.

The Australian Government Handed Over the Evidence That the Corona Virus Is a Chinese Biological Weapon
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