Scorching 100 Degree Weather Calls for Rolling Blackouts in California
Is This the Future That Awaits Us If Biden Wins?

Thermometer reading 119 degrees Fahrenheit in Death Valley National Park in California

Investing $2 trillion into infrastructures for wind power and other renewable energy, advancing with the production of electric cars and reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emission from power plants to zero by 2035—

This is the environmental plan proposed by Joe Biden, who was officially nominated as the presidential candidate from the Democratic Party (the plan was announced in July, prior to his official nomination). According to Mr. Biden, millions of jobs will be created from the investment to create a carbon-free society.

Meanwhile, the environmentally progressive western state of California, that aims to produce 60% of electricity through renewable energy by 2030, suffered from rolling blackouts due to a power shortage from a heat wave that caused days with temperatures exceeding 100 degrees (38 degrees Celsius).


Producing All Power With Clean Energy by 2045

In 2018, California created and enacted a bill that requires all electricity in the state to be produced through carbon-free, clean energy methods.

To realize a “carbon-free society,” they have been rapidly advancing the development of a renewable energy infrastructure by controlling and reducing natural gas generators, as well as requiring solar panels to be installed in new houses.

At the same time, the clean and carbon-free nuclear power generation has been facing tremendous, large-scale anti-nuclear movements, resulting in the one working Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant in California to be scheduled for decommission in 2025.

These extreme actions that create an electrical system that overly relies on renewable energy has led to the recent consideration of planned blackouts.

In California, air conditioner usage has been rapidly increasing due to consecutive days with temperatures over 100 degrees (38 degrees Celsius). They have attempted to procure electricity from other states, but similar heat waves in neighboring states have depleted their electricity storage, and blackouts occurred through Aug. 14 and 15, affecting approximately 400,000 homes.

Electricity shortages continued and there were temporary power outages in various parts of the state. To prevent rolling blackouts, electric power companies called on residents, companies and corporations to save electricity.


Residents at Their Limit as They Face Life Crisis

It is not unusual for people to die if air conditioners shut down while the temperature nears 104 degrees (40 degrees Celsius).

California’s energy agencies have claimed that the clean energy policy was not the reason for the rolling blackouts, but criticism erupted from its residents regarding the state government’s lack of planning.

The California Independent System Operator (CASIO) has tweeted over several days, calling for residents to help save electricity and congratulating their efforts that allowed them to avoid a rotating power outage. Residents responded with the following harsh criticisms:

“Exactly why hardworking people are leaving California. I spent 23 plus years in California.. I finally lifted the blinders of beauty and realized.. There are equally beautiful States [in the U.S.] without state income tax and better regulations on business, personal, power and oil [than California].”

“Why don’t we build a few power plants so this won’t be an issue anymore? We’d all have the power we need, plus it creates jobs.”

“This is ridiculous! Just generate more power. We’re capable of it, so until we have the technology to be both clean and reliable… stop restricting us!”

As our magazines and columns have repeatedly reported, there are many contradicting facts surrounding the theory that CO2 is causing global warming, and thus it is not scientific. The result of proposing a carbon-free policy without much research has caused this disaster upon the state government.


Investing $2 Trillion Dollars For a Repetition of California

If Mr. Biden wins the election and invests $2 trillion to stop all carbon dioxide emissions from power plants by 2035, then all of the U.S. may face the crisis that California faced.

Even without this, the enormous tax increase in order to achieve the policy will cause the U.S. economy to decline and for many citizens to become poor.

The days fearing rotating power outages combined with increased tax rates that stagnate the economy… Bold environmental policy is at the core of the Democratic Party, but they should calmly think about what would happen if those policies were actually carried through.

Japan is advancing with their transition to renewable energy, but it is necessary to understand that decarbonization without proper planning will endanger the lives of citizens.

Scorching 100 Degree Weather Calls for Rolling Blackouts in California
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