As Early as Summer, as Late as Fall, The Second Coronavirus Wave Will Hit

The Abe administration is determined to reissue a state of emergency when the second wave of the coronavirus hits. Will the second wave really hit? How can people prepare beforehand? The Liberty searched for countermeasures to the second wave. (Senior Editor, Cho Hanako)

Many people around the world have been infected by the coronavirus. The spread slowed down around May in Japan, and the state of emergency was lifted in 39 prefectures, opening the economy once again. More Japanese citizens are beginning to think that “places where people gather are dangerous,” however, and it will take more time for department stores to go back to the pre-coronavirus days.

On June 8, the World Bank announced a forecast that this year’s global economic growth will decline to -5.2 percent. This prospect is the worst economic decline since World War II.

Japan is expected to drop to -6.1 percent, which ties them with the U.S. with the highest number of people infected. In addition, this number is calculated with the expectation that the impact of the coronavirus will settle down in late 2020. A second wave of the coronavirus will lower the numbers even more.

The coronavirus will leave a great footprint in the history of humanity. What awaits us going forward?


Prophetic Dream Suggests Arrival of Second Wave

Happy Science CEO Master Ryuho Okawa recorded “Dream Judgment” on May 22, evaluating the dreams of three individuals. As Daniel the prophet interprets dreams as God’s message in the Old Testament, dreams have always been an important means by which God conveys his will.

Of the three dreams, a particularly peculiar one is from Vice President Sayaka Okawa. Sayaka saw a prophetic dream that London was full of green worms.

Master Okawa pointed out that these green worms symbolize the coronavirus. Green worms become moths in summer or autumn and spread scales. Master Okawa interpreted that the moths equate to fighter jet attacks during Hitler’s era, and predicated that the second wave of the coronavirus will deal a heavy blow, similar to air raids in London during World War II.

During a spiritual reading of Indian God, Shiva recorded on May 30, Shiva hinted the arrival of a huge “second wave” in Japan.

It is only a matter of time before the second wave infiltrates the world due to today’s global exchange. It was always common for an infectious disease to re-filtrate humankind in the past.

As Early as Summer, as Late as Fall, The Second Coronavirus Wave Will Hit
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