First Ever! Locust Attack From China
Damage Simulation

How much damage will be caused if an army of locusts attack China and destroy its crops?

We estimated these numbers independently.

Our magazine conducted a simulation to estimate the magnitude of damage that locusts will cause in China — most likely the first attempt the world has seen.

We calculated these numbers based on the hundreds of billions of locusts that attacked Pakistan in the past. Approximately 15% of the total agricultural crops were destroyed, and this number went as high as 40% in certain areas.

In our simulation, we assumed that the locusts would invade three regions: Southwest, Central South, and East China. Crops produced in these regions (wheat, rice, corn) contribute to 60% of the total yield.

When conducting simulation with these assumptions in mind, if a locust damage of the same magnitude as Pakistan took place and destroyed 15% of the crops, China’s total crop yield will decrease by 9%. Furthermore, if the damage was 40%, as in the most devastating areas of Pakistan, then 24% of the total crops will disappear.

In other words, the condition to Mr. Shibata’s previous statements that “the Xi Administration may be overturned when China’s crops decrease by 20%” may come true.


Will the Xi Administration Collapse in Two Years?

We performed a simulation from a different angle as well. Based on various assumptions, we hypothesized that two trillion locusts will attack China. In theory, it would take around 82 days minimum for two trillion locusts to eat through 10% of the crops. Therefore, reaching the 20% line needed to overthrow the Xi administration will take around 165 days.

Some may argue that locusts can’t live for 165 days. However, if the weather conditions are right, their population can grow exponentially, and it is common for damage to continue for a few years. It is relatively appropriate to assume that it will take two years for 20% of the crops to disappear. During these times of emergency, China will increase its imports, resulting in a worldwide increase of crop values. Japan will inevitably suffer its effects.

Next year will be the 100th anniversary of the CCP. The Xi administration will face its greatest adversity at this time.


A Chance for Japan to Reflect on Its Food Self-Sustenance

Japan must change completely in order to overcome its biggest disaster since World War II.

The locust attack in China will cause a global famine that will act as the second divine punishment following the coronavirus.

People are already hoarding food from the coronavirus and some countries are thinking about or have already illegalized exports of crops.

Specialized committees in the U.N. have announced a threat of famine in the end of March.

What lies behind the locust attacks that will continue to worsen this food situation?

Happy Science CEO Ryuho Okawa performed various spiritual investigations which revealed that these series of events are warning humanity which has allowed materialistic beliefs, symbolic of the Chinese Communist Party, to spread worldwide (details in Column).

Knowing these facts, Ryuho Okawa has suggested the importance for Japan to become an independent nation that does not rely on China nor the U.S.


The Threats of Losing Access to Food Imports

When measuring Japan’s independence as a nation, Japan’s food self-sufficiency in 2018 was 37% (calorie based), which was an all-time low. Japan imported around 60% of its food from foreign nations, creating a fatal weakness in its security. Shibata has previously pointed out that it is common sense in the world for nations to self-produce food consumed in the nation.

The reason that Japan has been able to sustain rich eating habits until now was because they were able to diversify their crop supply chain and import from various foreign countries. This might suffice during time of peace, but will not sustain during times of turmoil.

As the biggest disaster since World War II approaches, Japan must reflect on its food security, recover their agricultural and fishing industry and transform into a self-sustaining nation.





Vengeful God of Africa Cautions “A Third Punishment”

The desert locusts are acting up in Africa. In early April, Master Ryuho Okawa conducted a spiritual reading of Zulu, a vengeful god in Africa, about the spiritual background of desert locusts.

“Evil grasshoppers can eat both cows and humans. Everything will become bones…Even if you’re wearing clothes, they’ll just eat your clothes,” Zulu says.

Although it was not done by a locust, a Bolivian man was attacked and killed by an army of ants. Attacks by a large swarm of insects could lead to a life-or-death situation.

“There is a possibility that something faster than a locust may appear,” Zulu added.

Zulu suggested there is another punishment, but it is still unclear what that may be. Already in China, however, the CCP is suffering from a series of disasters such as the mass outbreak of a pest, fall armyworm, and a drought in Yunnan.

It is as if the “Ten Commandments” and the plagues of the Old Testament are being laid out again.

First Ever! Locust Attack From China
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