The Miracles of an Immunity That Cures COVID-19

Cases of COVID-19 continue to increase around the world. With no vaccines nor effective prevention measures yet to be found, this article offers insight into the miracles of the “faith vaccine.”

All around the world, cases of COVID-19 are rising as well as its death toll. In Japan, too, a stay-at-home order for all nonessential and nonurgent outings was given by politicians targeted to all the prefectures in mid-April.

Some reasons for Japan’s low infections and death rates include its already-developed habits of wearing masks, washing hands, and washing mouths.

However, we claim that the best possible vaccine is having faith in God.

In Japan, people may laugh if someone suggests using prayers as a mean of ending COVID-19. However, President Trump has stated, “With God’s help, we will overcome this threat,” and pushed Americans to pray. Furthermore, when mosques were closed in the Middle East to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus, people voiced their protests everywhere. There are many people in the world who still look to faith and prayers to end the coronavirus.

Here, we will introduce cases where people who originally tested positive for COVID-19 tested negative after receiving ritual prayer services from Happy Science.



Experience 1


Miraculous Return From the Diamond Princess Cruiser


Diamond Princess Cruise Ship, going through cleaning from the outbreak of the novel coronavirus in the Yokohama Port.(Photo:Pasya/Aflo)

We interviewed a member of Happy Science, who had a relative test positive for COVID-19 but soon after tested negative after receiving the prayer service from Happy Science.

“Apparently my father-in-law got COVID-19…”

Ms. A (in her 70s), who is a Happy Science member living near Tokyo received this message in February from her daughter.

The parents-in-law of Ms. A’s daughter were both aboard the large cruise ship, Diamond Princess. In that same ship, there was a coronavirus outbreak wherein over 700 people out of the 3700 on board got infected. This 700 included the father-in-law of Ms. A’s daughter.

The parents-in-law of Ms. A’s daughter were both in their 80s. Since the mortality rate for elderly was high, the daughter’s husband and relatives anticipated the worst-case scenario when discussing future actions.

Ms. A has studied Happy Science’s teachings that claims that your life does not end in this world alone. Your true self lies in the soul, and the soul reincarnates repeatedly in a journey of self-improvement. Therefore, if the father-in-law’s death was in accordance with Heaven’s will, then there was not much that could be done. At the same time, she had a feeling that he would be okay.

Happy Science started a ritual prayer service, “Prayer for Defeating the Infection of Novel Coronavirus Originated in China.” Ms. A participated in this service right away.

“I felt very strongly that I had to take this. In the prayer, I wrote asking for protection of my daughter’s parents-in-law as well as my family, relatives, and others who have ties with me.”

In Happy Science, prayer services offer an important opportunity to ask for help from spiritual beings in Heaven. It is not just a wistful wish. Along with sending appreciation, it promises self-improvement so that their prayers come true.

Ms. A has studied the teachings, self-reflected to repent for any cloudiness in her heart and sent appreciation to God every day.


“I Want to Save My Daughter’s Father-In-Law”

In late February, Ms. A visited Nagoya Shoshinkan, a Happy Science location for worship and seminars. There, I was moved by something the lecturer said:

“When an employee got into a bad injury, the CEO of the architectural company took ‘Extra Powerful—Ritual Prayer for Recovery from Illness¬¬—Specially Led by the Spirit of Jesus Christ’ multiple times. The employee’s surgery miraculously succeeded, and he recovered in 2 months without any troubling prognostic symptoms. I was deeply moved by the CEO’s selfless gesture and thought to myself what I would have done if I were in the same shoes.”

When Ms. A thought of what she could do, not for herself but for others: her daughter’s father-in-law was the first person to come to her mind.

“I want to save him!”

With a fresh mindset, she took the ritual prayer to remove people’s worries and sufferings, “Senju Kannon Relief Sutra¬—The Prayer for Senju Kannon,” strongly praying for the recovery of the father-in-law. She reflected later that her mind was at peace after the prayer service ended.

A few days later, her daughter told her that the father-in-law’s coronavirus disappeared! The test suddenly turned out negative and the doctor was astonished while the father-in-law,who was doing fine, said that he wanted to go home soon. While his family and relatives talked of miracles, Ms. A was confident that her prayers were heard and answered.

“The only thing I had in mind was to do everything I can. As a result, the father-in-law was saved. I believe in this fact.”


Immunity Rises With Faith

Ms. A experienced another miracle that came from faith. Her daughter’s parents-in-law stayed in the same room for over two weeks on the cruise ship without being able to go outside. Despite this, the mother-in-law was not infected.

Ms. A talked about Happy Science occasionally to the mother-in-law and invited her to its movies as well. They watched almost all the movies and sometimes discussed its contents afterwards. She was not a devotee yet, but Ms. A believed that these connections protected the mother-in-law.

Master Okawa Ryuho, the CEO of Happy Science, has talked about the contagiousness of immunity arising from faith in his book, “The True Relationship Between the Mind and the Body,” quoted below:

“Immunity greatly increases with faith. This comes from the power coming from the person’s conscious thoughts, but it is not just that. When a person goes about their life constantly thinking, ‘I want to work as an angel, a Bodhisattva for God,’ this strong, assertive, positive thought fills their entire body and all of their cells, strengthening their immunity. … It is possible to spread this power of faith to other people. If this person passionately leads someone to the right path and the soul of that person lightens up, then their immunity will rise incredibly as well.”

Immunity arising from faith is something that transmits to people tied by fate. Ms. A’s example, along with others, is something that just cannot be dismissed by “coincidence,” and proves the existence of the “faith vaccine.”



Report 2


My Sister’s Coronavirus Disappeared!

On March 31st, I received a message from my sister who lives in the United States that she was resting in her home because she had a fever. After a few days, she felt so bad that she could not even stand up, so she went to the hospital. She was diagnosed with pneumonia from the coronavirus and was admitted to the hospital at once.

I immediately took the ritual prayer service, “Prayer for Defeating the Infection of Novel Coronavirus Originated in China” in Nagoya Shoshinkan and felt a strong wave of light pouring down on me. The next morning, my sister tells me that her doctor said, “there are no viruses in your body. There’s no need for you to be here,” and she was discharged. The doctor apparently seemed very confused, and I knew that my sister received a miracle.

—Women (Aichi Prefecture)




A Miraculous Recovery From AIDS

An exchange student K got rashes all over their body and was diagnosed with AIDS in the hospital. His family did not have any money for surgery and was despairing thinking about their family in their home country. A Happy Science member who knew student K thought, “I can’t just leave them,” and invited them to a shoja for worship. Student K found out about the teachings and decided to become a member. They began to read “The Dharma of the Right Minds,” * the main sutra handed to devotees, every day with a sincere heart.

Then, in a test a few days later, the numbers that were previously high were cut in half. The doctor was astounded, but they tested negative when inspected a month later, and three months later as well. The rashes disappeared, his decision to continue studies in graduate school was made, and student K is leading a life filled with hope.

* One of the main prayer books of Happy Science. Over 10,000 times more effective than prayers such as the Hokke Sutra and the Hannya Sutra.
The Miracles of an Immunity That Cures COVID-19
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