U.S. to Take Revenge on China Once Evidence of Intentional Spread to Europe and the U.S. Arises

The reality of China, which is poised to wage war on biological weapons, has come to light. R.A. Goal, a space-based creature, revealed China’s ambition for world domination through biological warfare.

Happy Science CEO Ryuho Okawa conducted six spiritual readings (*1) between January and March on R.A. Goal, who grasps the truth behind the coronavirus pandemic.


Coronavirus Was Developed As a Biological Weapon From the Start

As a savior-class existence, Goal revealed that the coronavirus is a biological weapon that China has been researching. This fact is also backed by biochemist Dr. Anthony Tu who explained that before the coronavirus outbreak, China successfully experimented with a man-made coronavirus that can have harmful effects on primates’ respiratory systems. He also stated that “it is unnatural to develop a vaccine for a virus that is not widespread” and that it has been researched for biological weapons purposes.


Intention to Attack the U.S.

Goal revealed that China’s economy has been damaged by the trade war, and they want the U.S. “to take a hit” through means that the 7th fleet cannot catch — a virus attack is just the method to achieve that.

A virus attack as a biological weapon may be unimaginable for many people. However, Monica Chansoria, an expert of China’s military force, for many years has been studying China’s efforts to develop biochemical weapons and defeat the U.S. through means of asymmetric warfare. Foreign countries have underestimated China’s strategy and have been hit unexpectedly.


Virus May Have Been Leaked Intentionally

Goal also hinted that although the coronavirus may have been leaked in one way or another, China may have used Wuhan citizens for its experiment.

“China may have wanted to experiment with their biological weapon…a few tens of thousands of deaths don’t mean much for China,” Goal says.


“Stronger Virus” Transmitted to U.S. and Europe

“[China may have possessed] virus no. 1, no. 2 and no. 3,” Goal says. “In domestic China, it is feasible to kill the elderly and disabled with a weak virus. Outside of China, they would need to consider a stronger virus to kill healthy people and babies.”

In other words, there’s a possibility that more lethal viruses have been transmitted to the U.S., Italy and other countries. The main purposes are as follows:

  • “To demonstrate the strength of China, as a materialistic nation”
  • “To lower [the U.S.’s] economic growth rate, increase unemployment rate and prevent Trump from getting re-elected”

In addition, China’s strategy includes spreading a less deadly virus in Japan to build a Japan-China strategic alliance and break off Japan from the U.S., according to Goal. Ultimately, China intends to cut off the U.S.-Japan security treaty.

Researchers in Germany and Italy have also found evidence that there are three different mutations of the coronavirus. (*2)

The New York Times has published that the coronavirus pandemic in the U.S. originated in Europe and criticizes President Trump for calling it a “Chinese virus.” However, it is safe to assume that China-leaning information manipulation is at play. This would make sense if Chinese researchers originally developed multiple viruses and intentionally diffused it using drones over high-density territories like New York.


“It Will Soon Be Revealed That China Is the Culprit”

Goal revealed that once the U.S. government grasps strong evidence that China started a virus war, the U.S. may launch a retaliation.

The U.S., which has been built as a religious nation, believes that it is ethical to fight for justice.

After a terrorist attack that sacrificed nearly 3,000 Americans, the U.S. attacked Iraq since they believed that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction. A greater number of Americans have been sacrificed through the coronavirus. The U.S. has been on the move to demand compensation from the Chinese government, but a monetary compensation may have the most minimal damage. China is desperate to destroy evidence, but once they are exposed as a culprit, they won’t be able to avoid retaliation.

(*1) Refer to “Spiritual Reading of Novel Coronavirus Infection Originated in China” and a book on spiritual readings of R.A. Goal and Shibasaburo Kitazato to be published in late April.
(*2) Based on a paper published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS).
U.S. to Take Revenge on China Once Evidence of Intentional Spread to Europe and the U.S. Arises
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