One-of-a-Kind Coronavirus Was Artificially Produced?



We asked a U.S. expert, specialized in poison and biochemistry, about the origin and motive behind the coronavirus. His books include “Overall View of Chemical and Biological Weapons” published in 2001.


Colorado State University
Professor Emeritus

Dr. Anthony Tu

Born in Taipei in 1930. After graduating from National Taiwan University under Japanese rule, Tu studied biochemistry at the University of Notre Dame, Stanford University and Yale University.

I believe there’s a high possibility that the Wuhan virus was created artificially. I rule out the theory that the coronavirus was originated naturally because a bat-borne virus doesn’t transfer naturally to other people.

Shi Zhengli’s research team at the Wuhan Institute of Virology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Wuhan has been researching the transmission of bat-borne SARS viruses across species. In November 2015, five years before the coronavirus pandemic, she published in Nature Medicine (*1) about her successful experiment of manipulating the SARS virus to have harmful effects on mice respirators.


Merging SARS and HIV?

Although the Wuhan virus is based on the bat-borne SARS virus, the genetic sequence is slightly different than that of SARS. Research done by Professor Pradhan of India have found that the HIV and the Wuhan virus have similar protuberances. The coronavirus has been developed to infect people easier by artificially inserting four HIV-derived gene sequences into the genetic sequence of the SARS virus.

In terms of their research motive, it certainly could be for vaccine development. However, it is unnatural to develop a vaccine for a virus that is not widespread. Another speculation in the U.S. is the biological weapons theory. Although there remains uncertainty since Chinas hasn’t confessed, we can naturally assume from research articles that the Wuhan virus was developed as a biological weapon and the artificially-developed coronavirus was accidentally leaked from their research facility.

Dr. Shi’s paper also suggested an application on primates. At the time, this led to heated debates in Europe and the U.S. French researchers warned that “if the virus escapes, nobody could predict the trajectory.” (*2) The coronavirus spread all over the world just as they warned. It can also converge and become an epidemic again.

I have suggested from early on that it is best to send out hospital ships and quarantine people there. Once the hospital is infected, the infection will spread widely. There are 35 ships in the U.S., and each ship can hold 1,000 patients. Japan is demanded to take such measures.

(*1) Nature Medicine is a biomedical research journal that aims to publish cutting-edge results in the biomedical area.
(*2) Statement made by Simon Wain-Hobson from the Institut Pasteur in Paris.
One-of-a-Kind Coronavirus Was Artificially Produced?
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