“If Israel Threatens Iran, The World Must Keep An Eye On Them And Request Nuclear Disarmament” — Master Okawa’s Lecture in Tokyo

The conflict between Iran and the U.S.-U.K. group is heating up, and tensions continue to increase in the Middle East.

Behind this conflict is the complex relationship between the Islamic and Judeo-Christian religions, making it difficult to figure out where justice truly lies. Other countries are holding their breath while they watch to see how it all plays out.

On 13 July, Master Ryuho Okawa, founder and CEO of the Happy Science Group (the biggest religion in Japan with approximately 12 million believers in over 100 countries around the world), gave a lecture entitled, “The Key Points To Happiness” in Hotel East21 Tokyo, in which he spoke about the Iran problem.

Over 1,500 people gathered at the main venue, and the lecture was also broadcast live all over Japan.


“Islam Is Not The Devil’s Religion”

In the lecture, Master Okawa spoke about other issues such as Japan’s retirement pension scandal, and movements in Hong Kong and Taiwan attempting to deflect China’s invasions. But he placed greatest emphasis on the Middle East problem.

Master Okawa said that President Trump and his aides think that Iran’s government is an autocracy like those of China and North Korea; but that’s not true. This comes from Trump’s lack of research, he said.

Before becoming a religious leader, Master Okawa worked at a general trading company, where he dealt in international finance and trade affairs within the Middle Eastern region. With this hindsight, Master Okawa explained, “Iran is actually a very individualistic country. It’s not the sort of country where there’s one man at the top who controls everyone else like slaves.”

Differences in customs and cultures create misunderstandings. For example, Europeans criticize Islamic society for allowing polygamy, but this actually began during Muhammad’s time when they lost many men in battle, and wealthy men decided to take care of the widows. It began as a social welfare idea.

“Differences in customs means there may be certain parts that we cannot accept,” he said, commenting on the severe Islamic forms of punishment such as stoning and hand/foot cutting. “There are bits that other countries want amended. But at its root, Islam is not the devil’s religion.”


We Should Take Note of Israel’s Excessive Defenses

Master Okawa explained that Israel, the country now in conflict with the Islamic countries, already owns hundreds of nuclear missiles and nuclear bombs, and thus has the military power to take control over the entire Islamic region is they so desired. The U.S. is being too generous with Israel.

If anything, we must make sure the Islamic region doesn’t get invaded. The U.S. is threatening Iran and showing a willingness to strike as soon as Iran starts nuclear developments. But if so, the U.S. should also commence Israel’s nuclear disarmament at the same time . . . It’s fine to be tough against Iran, but the world should simultaneously take note of Israel’s excessive defenses.

The Islamic countries are very friendly with Japan. The things about Islamic culture that European values cannot comprehend, Japan should somehow fill those gaps. That is one of our big missions.

I don’t want the U.S., Japan’s ally, to strike Iran and destroy them like they did Iraq. And I’m not saying this just because we need their oil reserves . . . I’m saying this because it is a near miracle that there exists a country (Iran) where close to 100% of the population are religious. We must really treasure that.

Everyone present listened with attentively.


The God Who Jesus Called “My Father In Heaven” and Who Muhammad Called “Allah” Are The Same God

Since June, Master Okawa has given three lectures – Hokkaido, Fukuoka and this one in Tokyo – to which thousands of people attended. And in all three of them he said that the U.S. should not strike Iran.

The U.S. probably looks at North Korea and Iran in the same way, but from a religious and spiritual viewpoint they are very different. Iran has had a long history as a great religious nation, and is completely dissimilar to autocracies like North Korea and China . . . They should not be rash in striking Iran. (24 June, from the lecture in Hokkaido)

The international community was very harsh about the Islamic region having nuclear arms, but when Israel took up nuclear arms, no one said anything. We cannot deny that there is a double standard. From a neutral perspective this is very wrong. (6 July, from the lecture in Fukuoka)

The God who Jesus called “my father in heaven” and who Muhammad called “Allah” are the same God. That’s why Christianity and Islam come from the same root. Please stop fighting. Because you believe in the same God . . . Only Japan in the East is capable of mediating these two sides. (6 July, from the lecture in Fukuoka)


Over 2900 lectures, Over 2500 books, And Three Decades of Global Activities

Master Okawa has continued his global activities for over three decades, and he has left unbelievable ‘footprints’ along the way.

Of his 2,900+ lectures, over 130 of them are in English. His books number over 2,500 and many of them have been translated into over 31 languages. Of these books 500 of them are spiritual messages. They cover many different topics including religion, politics, economics, international affairs, education, science, medicine, and entertainment.

His activities span the globe. He has lectured in all 5 continents around the world, and last March he lectured in Taiwan where he encouraged the people in their battle against China’s pressures saying, “Taiwan is a different country to China.”

Happy Science has two great annual celebrations: the Celebration of the Lord’s Descent in July, and the El Cantare Celebration in December. And these lectures are broadcast live to 3,500 venues across the world. In the 2017 July Celebration at Tokyo Dome, over 50,000 people attended despite it being at nighttime on a weekday.

Master’s lecture in Tokyo also covered the following topics:

  • What has happened in Hong Kong since Master Okawa gave a lecture there in 2011
  • What the U.S. is misunderstanding about Islamic countries
  • What Islamic customs Master Okawa saw during his time in the trading company
  • How many people in China want the political system to change
  • What happened when Master Okawa visited the Philippines to give a lecture in 2011
  • What influences have been behind politicians and bureaucrats for the last three decades
  • Happy Science teaches ‘happiness in both this world and the next’
“If Israel Threatens Iran, The World Must Keep An Eye On Them And Request Nuclear Disarmament” — Master Okawa’s Lecture in Tokyo
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