Hong Kong Shaken Over Anti-Extradition Law: “Goddess of Democracy” Agnes Chow’s Wish

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There was a huge protest in Hong Kong. The protesters opposed the extradition bill that would allow suspects captured in Hong Kong to be deported to mainland China.

1,030,000 people took part in the protest on the 9th, but Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam decided to proceed with the proposal as planned. On the 12th, police officers fired tear gas into the crowd. On the 13th, the general public was blocked off from entering the surrounding area of the Legislative Council building.

If the extradition plan passes, Hong Kong citizens and visitors who speak critically of China could be deported to mainland China. If so, Hong Kong will no longer be a city of freedom.


Japan Fails to Conduct Proper Value Judgement—”Proposal Is Evil” “Protest Is Good”

Amidst the protest in Hong Kong, Agnes Chow, pro-democracy student leader of the 2014 Umbrella Revolution, came to Japan to call out the danger of the bill. “Hong Kong’s government should withdraw the bill,” Chow said during the news conference at the Japan National Press Club on the 10th.

Master Ryuho Okawa, founder and CEO of Happy Science, recorded a spiritual message from the guardian spirit of Agnes Chow on the 13th to understand her basic thought process.

“We tried and lost with the Umbrella Revolution, so [the government of China and Hong Kong] thinks they’ve already settled matters. This time, however, we have a much bigger movement that elicits the interest of everyone in Hong Kong and even Taiwan. Ms. Tsai Ing-wen even claimed that ‘China’s one country, two systems policy can’t be trusted’ and there are voices of disapproval from Europe and the United States. Japan is too quiet … The media somewhat covers the matter, but they don’t take responsibility.”

U.S. backed Hong Kong protesters and foreign governments including the European Union (EU) and Canada showed concerns toward the proposal. On the other hand, the Japanese government has not taken a stance. Japan’s media simply covered the protest without proper value judgment—”whether the proposal is good or evil” and “whether the protest is good or evil.” Chow’s guardian spirit is unsatisfied with their lack of voice.


It Has Everything to Do With Japan

As first Chairman and “Founding Father of China,” Mao Zedong coined the term “New Democracy” and China outwardly claims to be a country that values democracy. Chow’s guardian spirit, however, claims “China’s democracy” to be different from Hong Kong’s democracy.

“To translate [China’s] democracy, it means ‘You stupid people should stay shut’ and ‘Just follow what the Communist Party elites decide.'”

The Chinese government restrains and tortures anyone that participates in protesting activities under the name of freedom and democracy. This kind of country can’t be a democratic nation.

Meanwhile, one could argue that since Hong Kong was already transferred to China, there should be no issue of them being incorporated. Chow’s guardian spirit countered the argument.

“It’s like, ‘We’ll bring Hong Kong together with Guangzhou and Macau to create financial prosperity so just stay quiet and follow what we say.’ Isn’t that so? Aren’t they asking Hong Kong to turn over all liberty and power? I think they’re attempting to rob their power to create a financial district in southern China.”

The prosperity of China’s urban districts is striking and Hong Kong is already ‘one of China’s possessions.’ China is planning on taking away all kinds of freedom from Hong Kong in return for increased prosperity. It must be unbearable for Hong Kong citizens who value freedom and democracy.

“Japan thinks the matter is completely unrelated to them, but the fire will eventually catch on. It will be spread in the order of Hong Kong, Taiwan, and then Japan,” Chow’s guardian spirit ended.


The Soul of Agnes Chow’s Relation to Democracy

Chow’s guardian spirit also discussed religious topics. When she spoke of her soul’s mission, she said that “it has to do with democracy.”

She claimed to be receiving support from the spirit of Hannah Arendt, a German-Jewish political philosopher; Arendt experienced Jewish discrimination from the Nazis and criticized totalitarianism throughout her life.

Lastly, Chow’s guardian spirit spoke of her personal view towards faith, mission and China.

“Generally, gods must be loving people. They are sacrificing themselves to save the people. My work may not be competent enough, but I want to be of help as much as I can … I don’t want to lose the field of liberty. China is so big that if there’s even one window where global information exchange and business can take place, it’ll be an advantage for mainland China too. In that sense, I still have patriotism.”

Chow has been entrusted with the mission to protect Hong Kong’s freedom and democracy. At the same time, she doesn’t detest China for stealing Hong Kong’s liberty and simply hopes to better their country.

The passing of the extradition proposal would likely result in the young generation, like Chow, who are promoting democracy for Hong Kong — being captured and extradited to China.

We can’t forgive China’s outrage any longer. Japan needs to speak up to protect Hong Kong’s freedom and democracy; “Hong Kong’s sinicization” must be prevented from global societal pressure.

Hong Kong Shaken Over Anti-Extradition Law: “Goddess of Democracy” Agnes Chow’s Wish
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