China’s Plan to Invade Taiwan By 2021
China At A Crossroads: Democratization or Devastation

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World powers are moving around Taiwan this year, and it looks as though Chinese President Xi Jinping has decided to annex Taiwan by 2021 when the Communist Party of China will celebrate its 100th anniversary.


Military Action Against Taiwan

In the beginning of January, Xi gave an important speech to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the “Message to Compatriots in Taiwan” (1979), a message that requested a peaceful unification with Taiwan.

Xi’s Taiwan policy is based on 5 articles including a peaceful unification with Taiwan, and the implementation of the One Country Two Systems policy.

Xi mentioned “unification” forty-five times in his speech, and while saying that “Chinese people don’t attack other fellow Chinese people,” he later made contradictory a statement that, “We will not forgo military action against Taiwan.”

Two days later, Xi presided over a military activities council and ordered them to “Start at the beginning again and prepare for military combat.”

Xi clearly desires to become more powerful than any of his predecessors and to establish his absolute authority. Xi worships Mao Zedong, the founder of modern China and a man who possessed absolute authority, so much so that he has even been copying Mao’s words and actions.

In order to stand superior to Mao, Xi must do what Mao could not: annex Taiwan and reunify the fatherland.

In 1949, Mao defeated Chiang Kai-shek’s political party Kuomintang in a civil war. He subsequently founded the People’s Republic of China, and the Kuomintang fled to Taiwan.

Later Mao attempted Taiwan annexation many times, but his dream would never be realized. Japanese political scientist Shigeo Hiramatsu points out that Mao’s dream was to annex Taiwan before the 100th anniversary of the Communist Party in 2021. If Xi succeeds in annexing Taiwan he would surpass Mao as the most powerful leader in China.

Xi, who has abolished the presidential term limits and has been steadily constructing his dictatorship, probably wants to invade Taiwan before his second term ends in 2023 at the latest. He presented concrete aims to achieve this in his speech in January.

Lieutenant General He Lei of the People’s Liberation Army followed up by threatening that if Beijing were to annex Taiwan through military action, those people who support Taiwan’s independence would be treated as war criminals.

“Taiwan’s separatists must stop, reconsider, and return to the right path in order to avoid catastrophe,” he said. “Or else, you will become trash to China, and history will accuse you.”

This was effectively a purge declaration aimed at Taiwan’s pro-independence forces.

Additionally, in February, just before the Chinese New Year, the Beijing Air Force uploaded an official video hinting at their intention to use military means to unify Taiwan.

The video included footage of Beijing’s newest stealth aircrafts in flight alongside scenes of Taiwan’s Alishan National Scenic Area and the landmark skyscraper Taipei 101. No one can doubt that it is a threat saying that Beijing is prepared to annex Taiwan at a moment’s notice.


Taiwan Tsai Administration Resists

Taiwan has not been silent against Xi’s aggressive speech and his military threats.

Taiwanese president Tsai Ing-wen defied Xi’s desire to introduce the One Country Two Systems policy. “The people of Taiwan will never accept it,” she said. She wants the U.S., Japan and other countries to cooperate with Taiwan, she added.

“Democracy is a value that is highly prized by the people of Taiwan.” “Mainland China should also make the courageous step to democracy,” she said.

The approval rate for Tsai’s Democratic Progressive Party was dwindling due to their ambiguous stance towards China and the insufficient provisions towards economic problems. But it has started to rise again ever since Tsai began to show resolute resistance against China’s intimidations.

The approval rate shot up from 19% to 61% when Tsai started to fire back at China.

The presidential elections scheduled for January 2020 will decide Taiwan’s fate. If the pro-China Kuomintang assume government there is a danger that it will aid Beijing in invading Taiwan.

The U.S. holds the key to Taiwan’s defense. The Trump administration has always been strengthening relations with Taiwan, a significant moment being the legislation of the Taiwan Travel Act that encourages U.S. high-level officials to visit Taiwan.

Many of Taiwan’s democracy activists have reciprocated by having a high opinion of the U.S. administration. There is, however, a danger that Trump may compromise on the China trade negotiations, and that makes it unclear whether the U.S. can continue to protect Taiwan.

Taiwan also wants Japan’s support, but Japan has suspended political relations with Taiwan in the hope of pleasing China. Nor has Japan made the effort to legislate a Relations Act that could allow them to aid in Taiwan’s defense in case of emergency.

But Taiwan’s problem is also Japan’s problem. If China invades Taiwan, it would give them smooth passage to target the Okinawa and Nansei islands. China would also have power to block the sea-lane through which Japan procures its petroleum. They will use this power to threaten Japan.


The Mao Zedong versus Chiang Kai-shek Battle Continues

Master Ryuho Okawa, founder and CEO of Happy Science, has uncovered that the battle between Mao Zedong and Chiang Kai-shek still continues.

In November 2018, Master Okawa recorded the spiritual messages of Mao Zedong. Mao’s spirit boasted, “I can end that thing [Taiwan] in one month.”

“Revolution is born out of the muzzle of a gun. So if we try, we can capture Hong Kong or Taiwan or wherever, no problem,” he added.

Then in February 2019, Master Okawa recorded the spiritual messages of Chiang Kai-shek. Chiang’s spirit

“Please guide the world in a good direction: that is, through opinion, worldly activities [activism], and international encirclement networks. We cannot lose against Mao. It’s time for retribution.”

The spiritual messages uncovered that Mao Zedong’s spirit is now the greatest of all devils, and is a being who can manipulate dark matter. Science has yet to explain what dark matter is, but from a religious perspective is in understood to be a power that triggers despair in people’s minds, and brings the world towards destruction.

The Communist Party of China is now receiving “guidance” from Mao Zedong, and their repeated military and media threats towards Taiwan’s pro-independence faction, is a way of planting despair in their minds to force them to give up their hopes.

In fact there are many people in Taiwan who have despaired and given up, and many of them think that it is more advantageous to prioritize business relations with China.

But there are still many Taiwanese activists who are fighting to protect their freedom and democracy despite these tough conditions. The Liberty Magazine has interviewed many of them.

These activists embody the spirit of self-sacrifice: striving along the path they think is right through listening to their conscience and questioning “What is true justice in the eyes of God?”

“Our ancestors sacrificed their lives to protect freedom and democracy,” says one activist. “We can easily lose these values if we do not work hard to protect them. That’s why we cannot give up.”

In WWII, the people of Taiwan fought and died for Japan. Now it is Japan’s turn to aid in Taiwan’s defense and prevent the tragedy of a Taiwanese invasion from unfolding. Japan must become worthy of the respect they receive in Asia.


A Freedom, Democracy and Faith Encirclement

Taiwan and Japan must of course protect their independence, but they also have a greater mission: to spread the value of freedom, democracy and faith into anti-religious China, and save those people suffering under the oppressive regime.

In China, religious people – such as Christians and Muslims – and people who oppose the government are suffering from severe human rights oppression at the hands of the Beijing government.

The Japanese Abe administration, however, is ignoring China’s atrocious oppressions of Muslims in Xinjiang Uyghur, so there is a likelihood that they will simply sit there as onlookers as Taiwan loses her freedom and democracy.

In his book “The Laws of Bronze” Master Okawa says

Please have the tolerance to ultimately forgive and overcome those who are born in evil countries . . . Please believe that Love surpasses the boundaries of the small country of Japan, surpasses the boundaries of the East, surpasses the boundaries of Earth, and brings everything together into One.

Now is the time for countries that share the values of freedom, democracy and faith to come together and create a China encirclement network. The moving force is the Love that envelops those people in China.

A screenshot of the video made by the Chinese Air Force. The song in the background is sung to the words “Our war falcons [aircrafts] will fly around the treasure island [Taiwan].”

A Portrait of Mao Zedong overlooks Tiananmen Square in Beijing (right) and Liberty Square in Taipei where stands a statue of Chiang Kai-shek.


2021: An Important Year For China

Mao Zedong’s Communist Party and Chiang Kai-shek’s Kuomintang engage in a civil war.
Mao defeats Chiang and founds the People’s Republic of China. After his defeat, Chiang flees to Taiwan.
Japan and China form diplomatic ties, and Japan suspends ties with Taiwan.
The U.S. and China form diplomatic ties, and the U.S. suspends ties with Taiwan.
Lee Teng-hui becomes President of Taiwan.
Taiwan’s People’s Progressive Party gains popularity in the first legislative elections since the lifting of martial law.
Ma Ying-jeou becomes president of Taiwan, and the Kuomintang assumes government.
Xi Jinping becomes General Secretary of the Communist Party of China.
Tsai Ing-wen becomes president of Taiwan, and the People’s Progressive Party assumes government.
China celebrates the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic.
The Communist Party of China celebrates its 100th anniversary.
China’s Plan to Invade Taiwan By 2021
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