“This Year Is the Year in Which We Stop China’s Expansionism!”
Master Okawa's "Lecture on The Laws of Bronze"

On 6th January, Master Ryuho Okawa, founder and CEO of Happy Science, gave a lecture on the new book in the annual Laws Series, “The Laws of Bronze” at Tokyo Shoshinkan in Japan. The lecture, entitled “Lecture on The Laws of Bronze”, was broadcast live across the country.


Why Churches Have Bronze Entrance Doors

Master Okawa began by explaining the meaning of bronze entrance doors often found on churches. “It signifies strong faith,” he said. “We want to uphold our faith just like those metal frames.”

It also means “to not be swayed by greed, self-interest and other things that sweep people away, but to hold strong your doors of faith: to keep out evil and other things that make you waver.”

The history of religion is the history of their battles against worldly powers. Master Okawa mentioned how churches and cathedrals in Europe were built to be very sturdy. “In their battles against worldly powers, believers have had to lock themselves inside these buildings and fight in the name of faith,” he said. “In that sense, these building were built to serve as fortresses in times of need.”

And sometimes, believers have had to become bronze doors themselves, to keep up the fight.


China’s Religious Persecutions Continue

The battle of religion against worldly power can best be seen now in China, where the government’s oppression of Christians, Muslims and other religious believers is quickly becoming an international problem. China is also expanding her colonial domain into Hong Kong and Taiwan. Her threat to the world is unmistakable.

On the China problem, Master Okawa commented: “This year is the year that we will change the course of China’s expansionism.”

“I’m not saying we should destroy China,” he added. “I just want them to revise their policies to stop oppressing human rights.” Master Okawa also mentioned the need to spread the values of freedom, democracy and faith across the globe, and urged China to embrace democratization.

Modesty Is Imperative To Long-term Success

Finally, Master Okawa spoke about the importance of modesty.

Modesty is one of the ways to achieve success over long periods of time. In fact, modesty exists for the purpose of achieving long-term success, and it is very important to reflect on your mistakes when you notice them, and always be ready to go back and start from ‘zero’ again.

He ended the lecture saying, “There will be many trials this year, but let us all strive to continue our work this year, next year and the next. Let’s do our best together.”

Master Okawa also spoke on the following points in this lecture:

  • Carlos Ghosn’s detention
  • A critique of French President Emmanuel Macron
  • Religious problems in pro-Japanese country Thailand
  • Japanese PM Abe’s long term Constitutional amendment and strengthening national defense
“This Year Is the Year in Which We Stop China’s Expansionism!”
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