The Power To Make Miracles
The El Cantare Celebration Lecture

The El Cantare Celebration, one of the two biggest events at Happy Science, took place at night on the 11th at Makuhari Messe, in the Chiba prefecture of Japan. Master Okawa spoke in front of 14,000 people at the main venue, and the lecture was broadcast live across the world. The lecture “The Power To Make Miracles” was Master Okawa’s 151st lecture for this year.

Master Okawa began by looking back over Happy Science’s history, and said that without miracle power they could not have continued missionary activities for these 32 years: that his working capital was miracle power itself. And he expressed his desire to make the coming year a year of miracles, more so than any year in the past.


Human Existence Is a Miracle

Countless miracles have been happening at Happy Science.

Economic miracles, miraculous improvements in human relationships, and seeing gold flakes fall from the sky to name a few. But there are also many reports of terminal illnesses getting cured.

Master Okawa explained that anyone could make these miracles happen through observing your mind and praying to God.

That’s because all of you have these powers . . . all of you are actually a piece of light that separated from God.

There is a recent trend of thinking that humans perish when they die: that people are like machines, and this has become the norm. But humans are beings who were created to be nobler than that.

Inside each one of you is a soul. This, too, is a miracle isn’t it?

There are times when we face hardships in this world, but those are precious experiences that help the soul grow and develop. Realizing who you truly are and awakening to the world of Truth results into actualizing what was thought to be impossible.


To Change the Future of the World

Master Okawa also spoke about ‘transparence of mind’ and ‘love that gives’ as the desired ultimate goal.
Many people think that transparence of mind makes you vulnerable to deception, and the misconception that giving love is unprofitable as it is better to receive than to give. But transparence of mind and the mind of love can become the power that causes miracles in life. It is a power that can change the world.

When transparence of mind starts to unfold, light from the heavenly world will enter. This light will produce miracles, and increase everyone’s life power two fold, and even ten-fold.

When more and more people are able to practice giving love, this world would definitely head towards utopia.

Finally, Master Okawa ended the lecture talking about the importance of praying with a transparent mind filled with love. “If everyone prays a lot, the world will start to shift in that direction,” he said.

The lecture also covered the following points:

  • What kinds of miracles we can expect that will frequently occur after next year
  • The conditions for gold flakes to fall from the sky more frequently
  • Why Master Okawa’s spiritual readings can cure illnesses
  • Advice on curing your illness on your own
  • How Master Okawa appears to children with spiritual sight
  • What is more fearful than death?
  • What gives humans dignity?
The Power To Make Miracles
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