Hitherto Unknown Secrets About Space and UFOs

When we hear about UFOs and aliens, the first image that comes to mind might be sci-fi geeks and multi-part space operas. Some people choose not to believe in them because they have never seen a UFO, and others may think it is irrelevant to their wellbeing.

But over the years, news channels such as CNN, have reported sightings, and in the U.S., there are events where specialists gather for serious debates on UFOS and extraterrestrials.

The U.S. air force facility in Nevada, also known as “Area 51”, is unofficially known to be sharing technology and information with aliens and UFOs. The arguments about UFOs and aliens are well past the stage of whether they exist or not, and have entered the stage where people are now asking what new information has come to light.


More and More Secrets Exposed

UFOs Caught on Camera!: A Spiritual Investigation on Videos and Photos of the Luminous Objects Visiting Earth

UFOs and aliens are most familiar to us through the medium of cinema. Star Wars and Star Trek are amongst the most famous, but there are many other Hollywood films about extraterrestrials.

Sci-fi adherents allege that these film scripts are based on information attained by the U.S. government that is secretly shared with Hollywood. Some people even suppose that aliens directly share information with film staff and directors. Indeed, the extraterrestrial and alien technology that appear in those films feel too real to be purely fictional.

While across the Pacific in Japan, secrets about aliens, that would surpass any Hollywood film, are being exposed.

Master Ryuho Okawa, founder and CEO of Happy Science is using his unparalleled spiritual skills to conduct “readings” about aliens: UFO sizes and shapes, the names of the passenger aliens, and their purpose for visiting Earth.

Master Okawa’s readings have uncovered information that was hitherto unknown, and they have been compiled in numerous books published by HS Press.

The latest book, “UFOs Caught on Camera!”, includes the readings and information on various UFO sightings in Japan between 4th July and 24th September 2018.

Following the previous shoot of UFOs on August 4th and 18th by, Master Ryuho Okawa spotted mysterious luminous flying objects on two days and Aide to Master Shio Okawa and other staff members took footages of them.


Multiple Planets and Purposes for Visiting Earth

It is revealed in the book that aliens are closely connected to Earth’s past civilizations as well as our current global situations.

One alien, who came from a planet somewhere in Cygnus, said his aim was to make China rise to world domination. He plans to feed on humans once the Earth’s population reaches 10 billion, and has a close relation to Chinese president Xi Jinping.

Another alien from a planet in Canis Major said he/she looks like a cross between a dog, wolf and fox, but can stand on two legs. He/she claims to have heavily influenced the Ancient Egyptian civilization.

Other aliens included one who supports the LGBT movement on Earth, one who is experimenting with giving humans supernatural powers, and one who tries to protect people from typhoons. The readings reveal an amazing multiplicity of values amongst aliens.

Getting in touch with information from the vast universe is sure to broaden our views, and help us overcome conflicts that arise from differences in religion, culture and language.

Hitherto Unknown Secrets About Space and UFOs
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