South Korean Supreme Court Accuses Japan How To Stop Moon Jae-in’s Antics

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The South Korean government is behaving outrageously.

The South Korean Supreme Court ruled on 30th October ordering Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal to compensate South Koreans for alleged (commandeered) forced labor during WWII. This ruling was given after four South Koreans stepped forward claiming to have been victims, and the court demanded the Japanese company to pay 40 million yen (approx. $354,000) in compensation.

Hitherto the South Korean government had renounced all claims for wartime compensation after the Japanese government paid South Korea $500 million in compensation when the two countries signed the Treaty of Basic Relations and Treaty on Compensation Claims and Economic Cooperation in 1965. This latest accusation and claim is about to make an irreversible change to the bilateral relations.

The South Korean Supreme Court stated that the plaintiffs (the four South Korean men) were “victims of commandeered labor”, but in truth those men were never commandeered: they voluntarily applied to work at the Japanese firm.

Hundreds of documents and testimonials reveal that the South Korean workers were treated equally as well as the Japanese. The South Korean Supreme Court has therefore accused Japan with insubstantial evidence. This is not an action worthy of a law-governed state.


South Korea Overpowered By Pro-North Koreans

President Moon’s scheme could be the influence behind the court decision. This is because Chief Justice Kim Myeong-soo is a committed leftist who was appointed by Moon.

Just three days before the court case, the former deputy head of the National Court Administration, Lim Jong-hun, was placed in custody for allegedly postponing the forced labor trial. Lim was a man who made efforts to maintain firm relations with Japan.

During his presidential campaign Moon went as far as to vow that he would purge the government of pro-Japan politicians upon his inauguration, and now he has expanded his purge into the Supreme Court to fill it with pro-North Koreans.

Moon has forbidden hostile actions at the military demarcation line and is even planning disarmament. He is being slammed by international media for being a de facto North Korean envoy, due to such actions as requesting world leaders to drop sanctions against North Korea.

Some voices in Japan push for severing relations with South Korea, but whatever the choice, we must absolutely avoid the Korean Peninsula from reunifying on anti-Japan grounds.
The world must show Moon that if he continues his integration with North Korea, North Korean level economic sanctions are inevitable. Japan has the power to prompt South Korea to resume her existence as a democratic nation.

South Korean Supreme Court Accuses Japan How To Stop Moon Jae-in’s Antics
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