The Key to Making the Trump-Kim Summit a Success
Guaranteeing Security Is a Recipe for Disaster for the North Korean People

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What is the bottom line for the U.S. to succeed at the Trump-Kim Summit? The Liberty Magazine proposes that the U.S. should not only seek nuclear abandonment but also seek a complete disarmament. It is the only path to peace for the Korean Peninsula, as North Korea has long desired the invasion of South Korea and Japan. The Korean peninsula is a buffer state like Poland in the Cold War era. It would be a betrayal towards the North Korean people if the U.S. allows the Kim regime to survive and allows it to remain as a military dictatorship, because almost 25 million people are being caged in a situation like concentration camps similar to Auschwitz for almost 7 decades. Whether or not the Trump-Kim summit would be able to pave the way for a Reaganesque victory would solely depend on Trump’s belief in the value of liberty.


The Key to Making the Trump-Kim Summit a Success

The summit between U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un has been set for 12 June in Singapore. The summit itself is an achievement for Trump, as it is the result of the ceaseless political, economic and military pressure he has imposed on North Korea.

Having said that, Trump’s stance toward North Korea has been weakening since he first said, “They will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen”. For example, in a recent tweet he changed his characterization of Kim Jong-un from “Rocket Man” to “honorable” and an “open” man.

Also, North Korea seems to be making concessions, including freezing its nuclear tests, terminating nuclear test sites, and even releasing three American hostages. These partial concessions, however, should not be regarded as successful political achievements on our part.

In response to the conciliatory mood enveloping the world, Master Ryuho Okawa, the founder and CEO of Happy Science, recorded a spiritual message from the guardian spirit of President Trump on 28 April 2018.

Master Okawa has conducted more than 600 spiritual interviews to date with such spirits as Abraham Lincoln, Margaret Thatcher, and Nelson Mandela, with the aim of proving the existence of the spirit world and the truth of reincarnation, as well as giving guidance to solve existing world problems and foreseeing the future of the world.


Rejecting the Idea that Gradual Denuclearization Is Important

There has been skepticism that Trump might be getting carried away. However, Trump’s guardian spirit was very decisive and said that, “I made up my mind already that they should abandon all nuclear weapons, the long range, middle range and short-range missiles, chemical weapons, biological weapons, and other very crucial weapons to the human race. Or else, we will destroy all of their armed systems. ”

When asked about the deadline for denuclearization and missile abandonment, Trump’s guardian spirit rejected the idea of gradual denuclearization that is being proposed by North Korea. He said their nuclear weapons should be abandoned within three years.

The reason why Kim Jong-un proposes gradual denuclearization is because he is dictator for life. As soon as Trump’s term ends in January 2021, Kim will recommence his nuclear and missile tests. At that time the U.S. will be powerless against them.

Thus, it is important for the U.S. to continue to apply maximum pressure to North Korea. It should follow the Libyan example by ensuring there is full disclosure of everything related to its nuclear weapons program and full international verification.


Kim’s Regime Should Come to an End

With regard to securing Kim’s regime, Trump’s guardian spirit said, “We don’t want the future of the Kim Jong-un regime”. He left open the possibility that Kim’s regime may fall as a result of a coup d’état or military action by the U.S., depending on the outcome of the negotiations.


Kim Jon-un Will Invade South Korea and Japan Unless Fully Demilitarized

At the moment the Trump administration appears to be thinking to guarantee the survival of the Kim regime, as long as it completely gives up its nuclear weapons program.

However, if the Kim regime is allowed to keep its long, intermediate and short range missiles, and its biological and chemical weapons, North Korea will use these to invade South Korea and Japan. This has been Kim Jong-un’s long cherished dream from the outset.


Bad Time to Withdraw U.S. Troops from South Korea

The New York Times reported on the 2nd of May that Trump ordered a cutback of troops stationed in South Korea. The White House has denied this, but the move remains a possibility nontheless. But we have to remember that the Korean War began when the Truman government decided that the Korean Peninsula had no military value and ordered the withdrawal of the U.S. troops stationed there.

It is now a bad time to withdraw the troops stationed in South Korea, as the same thing could happen again.

The Korean Peninsula is worth protecting because it is a geographic buffer state against the communist powers, just like Poland was during the Cold War. And just as with Poland, letting North Korea remain in the hands of a totalitarian government would be a betrayal towards the North Koreans who have long been suffering under the oppressive regime for decades.


Complete Disarmament of North Korea Is the Only Path to Peace

Thus, the U.S. needs to be aware that anything short of complete disarmament would put the U.S. on the wrong side of history.

And as President Trump’s guardian spirit said, it is crucial to have strong will power to destroy the Kim regime. Otherwise its people will continue to suffer under the totalitarian regime. Reagan’s famous “tear down this wall” speech had the power to stimulate and encourage the prominent activist Natan Sharansky from inside the labor camp. And his success in the dissolution of the USSR came from his persistent will power. Whether or not the Trump-Kim summit would bring the same result would solely depend on Trump’s belief in the value of liberty.

If Trump accepts the Kim regime as a government in North Korea in exchange for nuclear abandonment, he will be remembered in history for sacrificing the freedom of the North Korean people to gain popularity for the mid-term elections.


From North Korea’s Democratization to China’s Democratization

Surely this is not what Trump intends.

Trump’s guardian spirit declared, “I will bring freedom, prosperity and happiness. America must fulfill its mission given to us by God to spread the value of freedom. This is what Americanization means”.

We hope President Trump will follow his inner voice.

In an April 2017 lecture celebrating the eighth anniversary of the Happiness Realization Party’s founding, Master Okawa said, “We must make a global environment where China, seeing the destruction of North Korea, willingly embraces democracy and freedom”. This is where we must set our sights.

There are already suggestions that Trump should receive the Nobel Peace Prize, but we must remember that Reagan, who ended the Cold War and led the USSR to a peaceful dissolution, never received a Nobel Peace Prize. He didn’t hesitate to call the USSR an evil empire, and chose to establish freedom instead of compromising with evil forces. Therein lay his strong principles.

Trump needs to stay true to his own principles in the upcoming summit, and pave the way for a Reaganesque victory.

The Key to Making the Trump-Kim Summit a Success
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