Kim Will Use the Six-Party Talks to Buy Time Until Trump’s Term Ends


Key points in this article:

  • We are following the same path to the Six Party Talks that took place 15 years ago
  • Last time North Korea made a false promise to denuclearize and waited until the end of the aggressive Bush administration
  • The same is happening this time: Kim will use talks, the Japanese Emperor stepping down and the Tokyo Olympics to buy time

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un has started his counterattack against U.S. President Donald Trump’s economic sanctions and military pressure.

Without warning, Kim made a surprise visit to China in an armored train to meet with Xi Jinping. He proposed the recommencement of the Six-Party Talks on nuclear weapons and promised to work towards the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

This has made it difficult for the U.S. to take steps toward a military option.

Kim, however, added conditions to the denuclearization negotiations. He will only do it if “the U.S. and South Korea show a genuine understanding of our effort, create an atmosphere of peace, and take mutually coordinated measures”.

In other words, it is a turn-by-turn negotiation whereby the international community deals its cards one by one – annulling the economic sanctions, providing economic support, ensuring the security of the regime – and North Korea will in turn respond with theirs – a denuclearization statement and nuclear freezing.


A 15-Year Déjà Vu

This is déjà vu. We are seeing a repeat of what happened 15 years ago.

In 2002 the Bush administration described North Korea as part of the “Axis of Evil” on the grounds that it had continued its nuclear developments despite having agreed to stop. Bush even threatened a preemptive strike if North Korea did not stop immediately.

South Korea then extended a helping hand to its neighbor. The leftist President of South Korea, Roh Moo-hyun, told Bush that if the U.S. ever struck North Korea without South Korea’s consent, it would nullify the U.S.-South Korea alliance. This meant the U.S. was unable to strike North Korea.

The situation took a turn for the worse when the U.S. entered the war with Iraq. This made it disadvantageous for the U.S. to engage in any military or diplomatic conflict with North Korea.

So the U.S. looked to China for assistance. In 2003, the Six-Party Talks began between North Korea, China, the U.S., Russia, South Korea and Japan. With China acting as chair, the parties discussed the possibility of forming an anti-nuclear encirclement around North Korea.

At first North Korea displayed signs of being cooperative. In 2005 it even promised to abandon all nuclear weapons and stop its nuclear program. This agreement, however, had a condition. It was that the ‘words for words’ and ‘actions for actions’ principle was to be observed, with an emphasis on ‘mutually coordinated measures’.

In other words, denuclearization was to happen step-by-step.

This is all very similar to the current situation: an aggressive U.S. administration; an interfering leftist South Korea; the Six-Party Talks chaired by China; and “mutually coordinated measures”. These similarities cannot be a coincidence.


Buying Time and Acute Betrayal

What happened after the previous Six-Party Talks?

At first North Korea seemed to agree to stop its nuclear program and to freezing its Yongbyon nuclear reactor. In exchange it demanded the annullment of sanctions and assistance with natural resources and food supplies.

When the U.S. tried to inspect some North Korean facilities, however, North Korea stubbornly refused.

Obama became U.S. president in 2008 with the problem still unresolved. North Korea chose that moment to completely betray the Six-Party Talks agreement. It displayed open defiance by revealing its nuclear and missile developments, and launched its Taepodong missile in April 2009.

North Korea was clearly just using the Six-Party Talks to leech as much financial aid as possible and to buy time. It needed to buy time for two reasons: one was so it could continue nuclear developments underground; and the other was to wait until the powerful U.S. president ended his term.


Kim Jong-un’s True Intentions

Master Ryuho Okawa, founder and CEO of Happy Science, summoned the guardian spirit of Kim Jong-un on the 18th of March, which was the 8th day of the China-North Korea talks. Kim’s tricks for buying time came to light in the spiritual interview.

The spiritual interview was recorded right after a special envoy from South Korea visited North Korea to arrange talks between the leaders. It was before any reports were made about the U.S.-North Korea talks, but Kim’s guardian spirit had already expressed the possibility of having talks with the U.S.

“I don’t mind [having talks] . . . If we have to trash our nukes, you have to get the U.S. troops in South Korea to trash theirs too, and not let Japan hold them either,” he commented.

Kim’s idea of Korean denuclearization also included driving the U.S. troops out of South Korea.

He also explained his reason for seemingly agreeing to hold talks.

“This year I’m going to create a peaceful mood with South Korea. We can’t miss this opportunity. Once the Japanese Emperor steps down and Tokyo holds the Olympics they won’t be able to have an aggressive stance towards us. That’s the timing we’re aiming for”.

“After 4 years, the next U.S. president will be a Democrat, which will be a lot easier for us to deal with. We can’t let Trump bite us with his rabies. All we have to do is look cooperative for another 2 or 3 years. Trump’s time will end while we’re putting on this negotiation show, and that’s when we will move.”

They are waiting for Trump’s term to end by buying time, just like they did with President Bush.

But one crucial thing is different from last time. If North Korea succeeds in buying time, we will never achieve denuclearization of North Korea.

North Korea is not just aiming to complete development of its nuclear technology – it is looking to produce usable nuclear weapons, complete with miniaturization so they can be used on ICBMs.

They are almost finished. All they need now is to complete the last piece of their puzzle, which is an ICBM that can reach the U.S. and a nuclear weapon that can withstand the high temperature and pressure of an ICBM when it is launched.

Once they overcome this hurdle, the people of the U.S. will be hostages of the North Korean regime forever.

Does holding Six-Party Talks still sound like a good idea? This is a decision for the international community that will determine the life or death of each and every person on this planet.

Kim Will Use the Six-Party Talks to Buy Time Until Trump’s Term Ends
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