North Korea Conducts 6th Nuclear Test
Bringing About Kim Jong-un's Bloodless Surrender Through Military Pressure

North Korea conducted their sixth nuclear test at the Punggye-ri nuclear testing grounds just after midday on the 3rd of September. Just last month on the 29th of August, North Korea launched a missile that flew over Japan. North Korea’s continuing nuclear and missile developments are threatening the safety of Japan’s safety.

The nuclear test generated a shockwave of magnitude 6.1, which was a record high. North Korean state-own media announced that it was a “total success” and that they are capable of attaching a hydrogen bomb onto an ICBM.


A U.S.-Japan Cooperative Defense Plan

On the afternoon of the nuclear experiment, Master Ryuho Okawa, founder of the Happiness Realization Party (HRP), gave a lecture entitled “The Mind that Never Gives Up” at Hotel Newcastle in Aomori Prefecture, Japan. In it, he spoke about North Korea’s nuclear tests.

Master Okawa referred to two recent spiritual messages by the guardian spirits of Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump, which were recorded on the afternoon of North Korea’s missile launch on the 29th of August. In his spiritual message, Donald Trump’s guardian spirit said that the “redline” for striking North Korea would be “their next nuclear test”.

If the U.S. steps up to take military measures against North Korea, many Japanese pacifists will indubitably oppose the idea out of fear that North Korea will attack the U.S. military bases in Japan.

In relation to this potential outcome, Master Okawa warned that, “I would have nothing to say if Japan had sufficient self-defense power, but considering the current situation, it is too late to acquire it. We won’t be able to protect this country unless we ask the U.S. to cooperate with our national defense.” Thus, it will be highly dangerous if the Japanese public begins to demand the expulsion of the U.S. military.

If we allow North Korea to continue nuclear and missile development, free countries such as the U.S. and Japan will live forever in fear of the totalitarian states. “When mosquitos and flies enter your home, you would swat them,” said Master Okawa. We are justified in striking a country for defense purposes.


A Bloodless Surrender?

That being said, if the U.S. decides on military measures, it would take the lives of many of the 25 million people living in North Korea, including the Japanese abductees, and South Korea and Japan may suffer damage too.

“For the sake of your people, have the resolution to admit defeat!” Master Okawa said as a message to Kim Jong-un. “As a state leader you should admit defeat to protect your people . . . if you are thinking of using the people as a shield to protect yourself, this cowardice is unforgivable.”

In the foreword to the printed edition of the spiritual messages of the guardian spirits of Kim and Trump, Master Okawa expressed his desire for a bloodless surrender on North Korea’s part, and for Kim to have the resolution to protect his people.

Having the option to give up on military measures is a potential path to achieving Kim’s bloodless surrender. The greatest mistake one could make in this situation is to form a half-hearted peace treaty, as this will stimulate Kim even further. Our best option is to strengthen U.S.-Japan cooperation.


Happiness Realization Party: Stopping Nuclear Weapons Use

After the lecture, HRP party head Ryoko Shaku appeared alongside Yuki Mikuni, the HRP Aomori candidate for the coming House of Representatives election in October.

Since its founding in 2009, the HRP has been warning of the dangers of North Korean missile and nuclear development. “We have long been advocating the amendment of Article 9 of the Constitution, strengthening defense, evacuation drills and facilities, but now I am filled with regret as we face the reality of North Korea’s 6th nuclear test,” said Ms. Shaku, who dreams of ‘Clean and Decisive Politics’.

In a press conference on the day of the nuclear test, Japans’ Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said, “We couldn’t believe it. We heavily protested against North Korea with very strong words”; but a simple protest against an insane state leader is not going to help protect Japan or its people.

“We will continue to demand the abolishment of the Three Non-Nuclear Principles, an increase in defense budget, sufficient care for the citizen’s safety, a special exception towards Article 9 to counter North Korea, and the rescue of the abductees for the next special Diet,” said Ms. Shaku.”We must encourage public sentiment to push for the amendment of Article 9.”

North Korea Conducts 6th Nuclear Test
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