The “People’s Princess” on Her Life, Death and A Legacy of Love

It has been 20 years since Princess Diana passed away. The Princess led a tragic life, but it was a life that touched the hearts of millions of people around the world.

What really happened to the People’s Princess?

On 10 August, Master Ryuho Okawa, founder and CEO of Happy Science, summoned the spirit of Princess Diana and she spoke about the truth of her death, her true feelings toward Prince Charles and her two sons, the salvation power of the Church of England, the role of Royal Family, and the reason behind her beauty.


The Truth of Assassination Conspiracy Theory

Of greatest interest is the truth behind her death.

It has been speculated that the car carrying Diana and her lover spun out of control and crashed inside a tunnel when they were trying to shake off paparazzi. They both died. Some say that the driver may have been drunk, but this has not been proven.

Other theories suggest that the royal family planned an assassination to prevent the scandal associated with Diana marrying a Muslim man.

In the spiritual message, the spirit of Princess Diana analyzed the circumstances of her own death. Seemingly, it appeared not to be an ordinary accident.


Diana’s Feelings Towards Ex-Husband Charles

One element that added to Diana’s tragic life was her unhappy marriage to Prince Charles. Even before they were married, Charles was having an affair with Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall. Diana suffered from not being loved by her husband, and in the spiritual message she spoke very candidly about Charles. Diana’s spirit also explained her feelings towards her two sons whom she could not watch grow up.


Does the Church of England Have the Power of Salvation?

The spirit of Diana revealed the shocking truth about the spiritual realm the successive kings of Britain had returned to post-death.

She expressed skepticism as to whether the Church of England has any power of salvation, explaining that it was a just branch of Christianity created by tyrant Henry VIII to legitimize ‘divorce’.

“Whether the English Church is formal, I mean, whether it was set up by God or not, I have some doubt about that. Is it a good religion? Is it a true religion, or true faith to God or to Jesus Christ? I’m not sure.”


The Royal Family Must Be God’s Representatives

“God appears where love is. So, I just want to do something good to the world and I want to give my love to the people in weaker situations. I think that is the duty of the royal family.” She regretted that, while royal families ought to act as God’s representatives, the current British Royal Family is not doing that.

It is not only her physical beauty that makes Princess Diana still so popular in Britain today. It is also through her inner beauty that could be seen in her many philanthropic activities. Diana herself seemed to constantly want to give people love as God’s representative, and this is what draws people all over the world to her even after her death.


The Spirit of Diana Ponders Who Is the True God

In the spiritual message, Princess Diana told the interviewers that she had nowhere to go in the spiritual world. “Should I go to the Heaven of Christianity of England? Or, should I go to the Heaven of Islamic people? My heart is almost broken” she said. She expressed the sorrow and loneliness arising from the feeling of being lost.

It seemed like she was troubled because she was unable to tell who was the true God: the Christian God she grew up with, or the Islamic God of the man she loved at the time of her death.

Happy Science teaches a universal truth that transcends differences in religion, be it Islam, Christianity or Buddhism, and teaches that they all come from the same single source. Religious conflict brings great unhappiness to people in this world, and even produces chaos in the spiritual world. From this spiritual message we can learn this truth about religion and the existence of a post-death spiritual world.
The spirit of Diana ended her spiritual interview with a message to the British people who continue to love her, and to the people of the whole world. She revealed her ambitions to regain the light in her soul and to fulfill her mission as a goddess.

The spiritual message disclosed the mysteries surrounding her death and showed her purity of soul, genuine faith in God, and love for other people.

Other topics that were also discussed in this spiritual message:

  • Where does Princess Diana’s spirit now reside?
  • Why is she currently ‘lonely’?
  • The truth behind Britain’s religions
  • The future of the British Royal Family
  • Why does Britain need ‘purity’ and ‘self-reflection’?
  • The conditions of true beauty, as told by Princess Diana
  • What is the key to the realm of goddesses?


The “People’s Princess” on Her Life, Death and A Legacy of Love
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