A Spiritual Message from the Late Chinese Activist Liu Xiaobo
His Passion for Democracy Is Still Alight

Liu Xiaobo, a human rights activist who received the 2010 Noble Peace Prize while under arrested by the Beijing government for anti-government activities, died from organ failure, on 13 July, at the age of 61.

Eight days later of his death, Master Ryuho Okawa, Founder and CEO of Happy Science, summoned the spirit of Liu Xiaobo to hear him speak about mysteries surrounding his death and his current thoughts.


Spiritual messages are words spoken by a spiritual consciousness through a living person. This ability is limited to people with a high level of enlightenment, and is different from Shamanic mediumship (where the medium is in an unconscious trance-like state during the message). With spirits from foreign countries, the spirit accesses the medium’s brain to choose words in the appropriate language to communicate.

This article includes the main points from the spiritual message of Liu Xiaobo. It has been printed in book form in Japanese.


China’s Leading Democracy Activist

Let us look at the events leading up to Liu’s death.

After his imprisonment for leading the Tiananmen Square protests in 1989, he was arrested multiple times. Despite this, he chose to remain in China instead of defecting overseas, and continued to openly criticize the dictatorial Communist Party.

In 2008, he announced the Charter 08 manifesto alongside 300 likeminded warriors, which demanded the end of one-party rule, advancement of democracy, improvements in human rights, and the separation of administrative, legislative a judicial powers of government. A year later, Liu was sentenced to 11 years imprisonment for “inciting subversion of state power”.


Global Opinion Indignant Over China’s Treatment of Liu

In May this year, Liu was diagnosed with liver cancer and was taken to a hospital in China on parole. Liu himself wanted to receive treatment overseas, and hospitals in the U.S. and Germany were prepared to accept him, but the Beijing government refused his request. Liu passed away in the hospital in China.

China is being showered with global criticism for their unfair treatment of Liu, and U.S. leaders have reacted in indignation at China.

“The role that poor medical care in prison played in his death – and the cruelty of confining a dying man in captivity, away from his family and friends – should disturb us all. His arrest for the so-called crime of putting his political views into writing is a sobering reminder of China’s shameful disregard for basic freedoms.” (Nancy Pelosi, Representative D-CA 12th District)

“I urge the Trump Administration to make these matters high priorities and to convey in no uncertain terms to the Chinese government that their shameful treatment of this peaceful hero, who championed the very ideals that are at the foundation of America’s own experiment in self-government, will have real and lasting consequences.” (Marco Rubio, Senator R-FL)


Liu’s Spirit Speaks His Innermost Thoughts in His Spiritual Message

Under Beijing authority detention, Liu was cut off from the outside world, and did not have the opportunity to voice his thoughts to the world. Liu’s death has encouraged China to tighten their censorship, but we are seeing a proportional increase in the demands to know the truth behind Liu’s death.

This latest Happy Science spiritual message gave voice to Liu, who was deprived of one due to arrest and death: a golden opportunity.

In the spiritual message, Liu commented on the importance of this final message:

“I don’t know if this spiritual message will spread throughout China, but remember that the authorities did not want a funeral to take place; they did not want to leave my bones, but wanted to scatter my ashes and do away with me. That Liu Xiaobo returns from the dead in the form of a spiritual message…and this can be likened to Christ’s resurrection. I want to give courage to my fellow fighters I left behind, and I want to save as many people of the future as I can.”

His spirit spoke on the current political system in China, thusly:

“The Chinese government’s ‘Revolution’ is a mistake. Their final aim is to create a communist system, and they don’t think about how that will affect the happiness of the people. If they think that they can adopt any means as long as the end is happiness, then they’ll continue to oppress and purge.”

In other words, China has embraced state-ism: an ideology where following state orders is akin to good, and those who oppose the state are evil.

Liu’s spirit compared that to democracy:

“Just like Lincoln said, the goal of democracy is the people: its aim is to create a world where people can pursue their dreams, freely opine about politics, freely engage in economic activity, and take many challenges without being discriminated.”

This was the democratic China that Liu spent his life aiming for.


Liu’s Legacy

“I didn’t think I could achieve a revolution by myself, but I thought I could at least be a human sacrifice,” his spirit added. “What the Beijing government most fears, is for many activist movements to arise to confirm that Liu Xiaobo did not die in vain. They are afraid that this will happen inside China with support from overseas.”

As Liu said, the people of China have been deprived of their freedom by the government: freedom of publication, freedom of expression, freedom of religion, freedom of opinion, and so on. They are not even guaranteed basic human rights.

The philosophy behind human rights is the understanding that humans are blessed beings. Liu’s wish is for the Beijing government to correctly acknowledge the blessedness of each person, and bring him or her freedom.

Currently, China’s corruption is spreading, and many people are living with the sole purpose of saving themselves. The whole of society has degenerated. True wealth is that which is beyond material wealth: it is the wealth of the mind. A wealthy mind does not come about through betrayal, deceit and selfishness. A wealthy mind comes about through giving love, and working diligently to be of use to the world. China is in great need of more people with wealthy minds.

Liu Xiaobo put his life on the line to fight for the happiness of the people of China. His legacy was one of passion for human rights and China’s democratization. Those of us around the world have the power to bring his dreams to fruition.

The following are other topics discussed in Liu Xiaobo’s spiritual message.

  • The truth behind his liver cancer and death
  • The dangers of violence and sovereignty when they unite
  • The possibility that China is lying about the statistics of their economy
  • What motivated Liu, and what were his true thoughts behind his message “I have no enemies”?
  • The philosophy needed to bring about a revolution in China
  • Why he was born in China in this age, and his past life during the Meiji Restoration
A Spiritual Message from the Late Chinese Activist Liu Xiaobo
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