Cornered Kim Jong-un’s Guardian Spirit Tries to Provoke Trump

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Key Points in This Article:

  • Retaliation plan against high ‘U.S.-Japan-South Korea’ morale
  • Point of compromise is to make North Korea give up nuclear weapons

Tensions rise as U.S. President Donald Trump hinted his intention to carry out military measures against North Korea’s continuing nuclear experiments, sending the Nimitz-class supercarrier USS Carl Vinson to the Korean Peninsula.

On the 20th, the guardian spirit of Kim Jong-un appeared before Master Ryuho Okawa founder and CEO of Happy Science, to communicate a message to be passed on to the international community.

Spiritual messages are words spoken by a spiritual consciousness through a living person. This ability is limited to people with a high level of enlightenment, and is different than Shamanic mediumship where the medium is in an unconscious trance-like state during the message. With spirits from foreign countries, the spirit accesses the medium’s brain to choose words in the language of the medium to communicate. See what are spiritual messages >>


Missile Launch Failure Was on Purpose

Kim’s guardian spirit explained that the missile that exploded soon after its launch on the 16th, “very cleverly used a self-explosive mechanism so it wouldn’t fly over to Japan”. In other words, the failure was intentional.

He also said that his sister was involved in the assassination of Kim Jong-nam in February and the execution of his uncle Jang Song-thaek in 2014, former vice-chairman of the National Defense Commission. He did not give direct command, he said.

By sister, he was referring to North Korea’s “No. 2”, Kim Yo-jong, in charge of the Propaganda and Agitation Department. They assassinated Kim Jong-nam to prevent China’s plan of founding a puppet government.

“We’ve become America’s equal”: Retaliation Plan Against High ‘U.S.-Japan-South Korea’ Morale.

Kim’s guardian spirit commented on plans for retaliation against U.S. military forces.
He said North Korea would use ICBMs with nuclear warheads against the U.S. “America is big, but I think we can hit them” he said, although he was unclear whether at this stage he is capable of causing a nuclear missile to reach Washington D.C. He boldly claimed that, “we’ve become America’s equal”.

He also explained that retaliation doesn’t necessarily have to be by military means.

His undercover agents that have infiltrated the U.S. can perform terrorist attacks inside the country, and he even hinted at plots involving Trump’s assassination. He said the most effective method is to take from Trump what he loves most, and threatened Trump to “avoid doing anything rash if you [Trump] want to protect your family. Kidnapping someone in and around Boston is not difficult”.

With regard to South Korea, Kim’s guardian spirit remarked that he could open fire using thousands of missiles and envelop Seoul in a sea of fire in 5 minutes — well before the U.S. military could get there from Guam.

To Japan, he said his main targets are the U.S. military bases stationed in Okinawa and elsewhere. He thinks that one small attack will energize pacifist movements, split public opinion, and throw the country into chaos.

His retaliation against the U.S., South Korea and Japan “will happen simultaneously” he said.

He also hinted his intention to use chemical weapons. As before, this doesn’t necessarily imply bombings, but can be activated by agents in Japan.

If this retaliation occurs, North Korea’s “ground army of hundreds of thousands of men will occupy South Korea in one day since there are only 20,000 or 30,000 U.S. troops in South Korea.”

“There is clearly going to be over a million deaths, and Trump will become known throughout history as the U.S. President who caused these people to die.” “That’s why Trump won’t attack us” he believes.


Kim Jong-un Doesn’t Realize the North Korea-U.S. Military Power Disparity

Listening to Kim’s opinions, he seems to want to make Trump hesitate in taking military measures, and to demand funds and food supplies from neighboring countries. This threatening spiritual message appears to be Kim’s cry of desperation as a result of being cornered militarily and economically.

But an objective analysis will elucidate that North Korea’s chances of victory are scant.

In his summary after the spiritual message, Master Okawa expressed his doubt that North Korea could continue fighting for long, and pointed to the possibility that Kim Jong-un does not realize the disparity in military power between them and the U.S.

He told us that several occasions are coming up where North Korea might choose to exhibit their power, including the 85th anniversary of the Korean People’s Army on the 25th and the South Korean presidential elections.

Considering Kim is still young and lacks fortitude, we can expect him to continue his provocations, bringing closer the day when Trump decides to take military measures against North Korea.

And, Master Okawa said, “Considering Trump’s swiftness of decision, he has probably already planned his final move and is sitting there waiting”.


Our Goal Is to Make North Korea Give Up Nuclear Weapons

Dictatorial countries threatening neighboring countries with nuclear weapons to demand funds goes against world justice.

On the future of the North Korea problem, Master Okawa commented, “Kim’s regime may be able to keep some ordinary weapons, but they should give up nuclear weapons, accept inspection and we can provide marginal support in return.”

In the afterword of the book containing this spiritual message Master Okawa advised Kim Jong-un, “While to ‘“subdue the enemy without fighting”’ is highly commended in the art of strategy, a virtuous leader is proven by his ability to ‘“uprightly admit defeat without fighting”’. Is this not the right time to do so?”

However, considering Kim’s young and aggressive nature, it will be difficult for him to admit defeat and accept inspection. In this case, the final goal should be to “end the tragedy that tore the country into North and South” as Master Okawa stated in his book “The Beginning of The End of North Korea” published in 2011. We must hope that the day is near when world justice is realized.

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  • The theory that “the missile launch failure was hacked by the U.S.”
  • Kim’s thoughts on Hillary Clinton and Fumio Kishida, Japanese Minister for Foreign Affairs
  • Threats even against China
  • Kim’s opinions on the Syria strike
  • Interesting attack strategies against U.S. aircraft carriers
  • The many opportunities Kim had for assassinating Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe
  • What is behind the growing popularity of pro-North Parties in South Korea
  • Why attacks on the chain of command do not work
  • How many decoy doubles Kim has
  • What Kim wants from Trump
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Cornered Kim Jong-un’s Guardian Spirit Tries to Provoke Trump
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