The Link Between Brutal Crimes and Spiritual Possession
The Spiritual Truth of the Sagamihara Stabbings

“A Hitlerian Ideology dawned on me 2 weeks ago”
“God told me to do it”

According to his friends and doctors who examined him during his 2-month involuntary hospitalization, these were words spoken by Satoshi Uematsu, the perpetrator of the Sumigahara massacre at the Tsukui Yamayuri En Care Center for the disabled.


About What Happened

First, let us look at this case chronologically. Uematsu began working at Yamayuri En care center in December 2012. At the time, he was very passionate about his job, and was reported to be taking good care of the patients. He then began to change behaviorally around the autumn of 2014 when he began to physically harass the patients, and this gradually escalated. Finally in January of this year, he suddenly phoned his friend saying, “I’m going to kill the disabled people in Yamayuri En” and other rants such as “God told me to do it”.

In February he sent a letter outlining his genocide plan to the Speaker of the House of Representatives. The information was immediately shared with the care center staff, and Uematsu was involuntarily hospitalized. At the time he tested positive for cannabis, and during his hospitalization, he reportedly said one day that, “a Hitlerian ideology dawned on me 2 weeks ago”.

In March, Uematsu was discharged from hospital, as doctors judged that he was no longer a danger to anyone. Finally, on the 26th of July, Uematsu executed his genocide plan.


Spiritual Possession Often Seen In Brutal Crimes

If we reexamine the details of this case from a spiritual perspective, it becomes obvious that an evil spirit had possessed Uematsu. Possession by evil spirits is often involved with inhumane crimes like this one.

Uematsu was reported to have said he heard voices. This is strikingly similar to a case in 2012 where a man and woman were randomly killed at Osaka Shinsaibashi. The killer later confessed that he had hallucinated voices after taking amphetamines. He voices told him “kill that man”, and so he did.

In some cases, the killer has no memory of the killings. This is because while it is the killer’s body moving, a different spirit has taken control of it to commit the atrocities. This fogs or wipes out the killer’s memory of the incident.

In 2008, there was a case where seven people were murdered in Akihabara, Tokyo, and the murderer had lost his memories of the killing. And in 2015, a Peruvian man killed four people in Saitama, Japan. He had also lost his memories: “I was working, and then I suddenly woke up in hospital [after the murders].”


Drugs Make the Souls Separate From the Body

This sort of possession by evil spirits is closely related to drug use.

Master Ryuho Okawa, founder of Happy Science, gives us the spiritual view of the effects of drugs in his book “Introduction to Exorcism”.


“When you use drugs, it alters the state of consciousness and we have sham-spiritual experiences and pseudo-astral travel experiences. Sometimes what you see under these circumstances is genuinely spiritual, but mostly it is caused by the numbing of the silver cord, which ties the soul to the body, making the soul more prone to separate from it. If the people can see the heavenly realm when this happens, it would be okay; but the vast majority of people see the hellish world.”

For the evil spirits that wish for the unhappiness of living people, drug users permit the perfect opportunity with whom to possess and wreak havoc.


We are Responsible for Our Being Possessed

But we cannot just blame the spirits. The possessed people are responsible for creating an environment that allowed that to happen.

Spirits can possess people only when spirit’s vibrations coincide with the person’s vibrations. If the person and spirit have different vibrations, possession cannot happen. Just like how on a radio we can only listen to the channel we are tuned to.

In other words, avoiding spiritual possession can be done by not using drugs, but also it can help to maintain positive vibrations while maintaining a bright attitude. Then, evil spirits of a despairing and discontented vibration cannot draw near.

On the 27th, right after the care center incident, Master Okawa called upon the evil spirit that was possessed the perpetrator, to investigate the spiritual truth behind the case.

Two spirits appeared: an underling devil who executed the crime, and a devil who had directed the whole thing with his ideology. They made clear their intentions behind the crime, and the spiritual messages are now published in the book “Love, Disabilities, and the Devil’s Intentions” (only available in Japanese).

In the end, it is only with a spiritual perspective that we can truly assess incidents such as this Sumigahara case.


The Link Between Brutal Crimes and Spiritual Possession
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