The Dark Clouds of the Chinese Communist Party Looms Over Hong Kong

Yes we can! That is the cry of freedom lovers in Hong Kong. That is the hope and the promise.

The Umbrella Revolution in Hong Kong demonstrated the deep cry of Hong Kong’s people for the democracy promised by China under “One Country, Two Systems” until 2047. Clearly Beijing has reneged on its promise, and instead has enforced greater pressure and restraint on Hong Kong’s people. These are people who were free. These were people who loved and love democracy. Now China want’s to take away the soul of a country and force it into the servitude of Mainland China and the CCP. Books are banned; there are no free elections as only pro-Beijing candidates are permitted to run, newspapers are banned and freedom of the press denied; people are “disappearing” and being detained by Mainland China; an active press is destroyed with only one independent newspapers and the laInline image 1gest television corporation courting Chinese support.

Hong Kong aims to retain democracy; the Chinese government says, “never”, so now a growing faction of brave patriots, instilled with love of freedom, have joined to create a new party, Demosisto, aiming at freedom and independence for Hong Kong and seats in the government. The youth of Hong Kong are awakening to the cry of freedom and are becoming politicized; the elders hold their dreams of the Hong Kong that was and can be. Hong Kong will not be held down. The cry is to “Decide Our Own Fate”. The hope is for Hong Kong to stand up for its own system and teach the Chinese people by example. We must forgive each other. Liberty and freedom is innate. The cry is not to give up and continue to fight to give Hong Kong a voice.

We must support our brothers and sisters in Hong Kong. The international community must support freedom, democracy and help give hope to those in Hong Kong who would willingly give their lives for freedom. Despite the 79 day protest of the Umbrella Revolution, no concessions were made by China. But we all know the story of David and Goliath. Hong Kong stands strong in its resolve. Freedom is a right.

Please view the YouTube video to hear the pleas of the people and see the turmoil in Hong Kong.

And remember, “Yes We Can”.


The Dark Clouds of the Chinese Communist Party Looms Over Hong Kong
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