Japan Should Possess Nuclear Weapons to Stop China and North Korea from Using Theirs

The security environment around Japan is facing its greatest hardship yet: national defense policy is insufficient to counteract the neighboring nuclear possessing countries, China and North Korea. There is a dire need to think about possessing nuclear weapons in order to protect the prosperity of Japan.

North Korea followed its shocking hydrogen bomb experiment in January by launching a long-range missile in February. The international community has been strengthening its guard. China is also carrying out its plans to construct man-made islands in the South China Sea to deploy missiles. It is threatening the safety of the region.

China is increasing its interventions in Taiwan and Hong Kong despite the “One Country, Two Systems” agreement, trying to rob them of their freedom. Once China dominates the South China Sea and Taiwan, the sea-lane routes with which sailors transport food and energy to Japan will be in danger.

As tensions increase like never before, Japan is oblivious, demonstrated by its new repeal bill on the security law passed last year, introduced to the House of Representatives by the Opposition.

Master Ryuho Okawa, Happy Science’s Founder, gave a public lecture in Okinawa on the 30th of January and another lecture in Shinagawa, Tokyo on the 15th of February, proposing the foreign affairs and security policy measures that Japan ought to take.

The similarity between China and North Korea is that both are totalitarian countries based on materialism. Many people are suffering as a result of those dictators’ powers. As a religious leader, Master Okawa is trying to spread faith in God, freedom, and democracy throughout the world to save people who are suffering under oppression.


The U.S.-Japan Alliance Is a Japanese Asset

In addition, Master Okawa has been explaining the importance of linking countries with the same principles of freedom and democracy in order to stop those corrupt countries from wreaking havoc. He has been saying that the U.S. military bases in Okinawa are a necessity from the viewpoint of the U.S.-Japan alliance. He commented on the relocation problem of the Okinawan U.S. military base in his Okinawa lecture in January. While he extended his understanding to those in opposition of the base, noting that the people of Okinawa were remembering the victims of WW2, he also stressed that Japan’s alliance with the U.S. is a Japanese asset. He said that it is a politician’s duty to know which countries to form alliances with, in order not to lose, and that Japan’s alliance with the world’s strongest country is important. He also explained that the local government has been making undue advancements in trying to influence foreign affairs. This was especially directed at Takeshi Onaga, the Governor of Okinawa, who revoked the military base relocation to Henoko, Okinawa.

In his lecture in Shinagawa, Tokyo, Master Okawa spoke of North Korea’s nuclear menace. If it were to launch a missile at Japan, millions of people would instantly die. From a religious viewpoint, the confusion would cause many souls to become lost, wandering, and unable to return to heaven. While noting his realistic opinions in spite of his role as a religious leader, he spoke of the need to think about military measures in order to advance true justice in the world. He said:

It is now time for Japan to become equipped with nuclear armaments so we [Japan] don’t become colonized. We are now, right on the edge, and really need to prepare nuclear weapons albeit within the boundaries of self-defense.

Up until now, Master Okawa has avoided positive remarks regarding nuclear possession, and has been proposing nuclear deterrent methods of a ‘foreign relations and alliances’ nature. Now that North Korea and China possess nuclear missiles that can reach the U.S., Japan can no longer reply on America’s nuclear umbrella.

Moreover, Master Okawa laid out bold, yet detailed propositions, such as ‘issuing defense bonds and making large-scale investments in defense’ and ‘making large-scale defense plans such as building evacuation facilities at the foot of the Japanese Alps’.

Having realistic views are imperative to realizing our dream of establishing world peace. We should be committed to discussing proposals based on the merciful idea of liberating the people of China and North Korea from their suffering.

Japan Should Possess Nuclear Weapons to Stop China and North Korea from Using Theirs
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