Master Okawa’s Lecture: “I Don’t Want to Add Any More Seeds of Conflict in the World”

Master Ryuho Okawa, the founder of Happy Science, gave a public lecture on the night of the 15th of this month at TKP Garden City Shinagawa in Tokyo.

Around 2,000 people gathered at the venue to listen to the 50-minute lecture. In addition, the lecture was broadcast live via the Happy Science relay network.

This venue was where the party formation convention of the Happiness Realization Party (HRP) was held 7 years ago in May of 2009. HRP warned of the coming national crisis, referring to incidents such as North Korea’s launching of a long-range ballistic missile in April of that year.

North Korea has been continuing its insanities and in January of this year, it conducted a hydrogen bomb experiment. In February, it launched a long-range ballistic missile aimed to fly over Okinawa. It is almost as if North Korea is mocking the international community by showing off its military technology.

Some regions in Japan, however, are seen to be underestimating the imposing North Korea threat.


“As a Religious Leader, I Would Like to Remove Warfare from the World”

In his lecture, Master Okawa noted that as tensions rise in East Asia, the U.S. might further recede from its role as world policeman depending on the result of the next Presidential election. He mentioned the possible dangers of such a situation and even of a potential U.S.-China alliance.

Master Okawa explained that China is secretly providing undercover support to North Korea, and if North Korea were to drop a hydrogen bomb on Tokyo, tens of millions of Japanese people would die.

Master stressed that we must create a peaceful world, saying, “As a religious leader, I don’t want to add any more seeds of conflict in the world. I want to steer the world in a warless direction.”

On the other hand, Master Okawa also explained the importance of taking a realistic stance to protect the country, including strategies against nuclear armaments. He said:

“It is clear that we are at our limits, and need to prepare nuclear strategies, albeit used only within the limits of self-defense.”

“Nuclear weapons don’t exist to invade other countries. The greatest merit of nuclear weaponry is that . . . we can stop nuclear possessing countries from using their weapons.”

“I would like to avoid a situation where Japan is attacked one-sidedly. Additionally, in order to prevent one-sided invasions into countries such as South Korea, Taiwan, the Philippines, and Vietnam, there needs to be a U.S.-Japan joint preventing power. In this sense, it is about time that we really start to research nuclear weaponry.”

Is it the right thing to do nothing when a country is on the verge of annihilation? Having firm preventive power to counter countries such as North Korea and China that are plotting invasions is an act of “Justice” in the international community.

On the 7th of January prior to the lecture, Master Okawa called upon the guardian spirit of Kim Jong-un, the supreme leader of North Korea, to inquire about his intensions behind the hydrogen bomb experiment and its results.

In the spiritual message, Kim’s guardian spirit said that they succeeded in creating a compact nuclear weapon, and so he has implicitly taken the whole of Japan hostage.


Tokma Warns of the Dangers of the My Number System

Master’s lecture, part 2, consisted of a Happiness Realization Party public talk. Tokma, the head of campaigning at the HRP, and the HRP’s Tokyo candidate for the next Upper House election due to be held next summer spoke alongside Hiroko Nanami, the head manager of public relations at HRP.

Tokma raised the problematic issue of ‘self-abusive historical views’ taught in schools around the country. He expressed his desire to change the prejudice that the Japanese army was evil. He also warned of the dangers of the My Number system, which began in January of this year. The system ties together all of the private and personal information of each citizen, leading the road to state socialism.

Party Leader Ryoko Shaku’s “Correct the False Comfort Women History” Speech at the UN

Next, HRP Party Leader Ryoko Shaku gave a surprise appearance via live broadcast from Geneva, Switzerland. A conference on the topic of Korean Comfort Women was held at the UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) held on the 15th and 16th at Geneva. Shaku gave a speech at this conference providing a just and sound argument that the comfort women were not sex slaves.

The Happy Science broadcast, however, was held before her speech, and in her surprise appearance, she commented, “Many historical arguments are unfolding at the UN. In my speech, I would like to claim that Japan is a country that the Gods are wanting to protect, and is a country that must regain its pride.”

Below is one of the Ambassadors’ comment given after Master Okawa’s lecture.

“I wish the best for Japan. Japan is a great country, which has its own way of dealing with the most important issues. I like the part where he speaks about the responsibility of the government to protect its people and territories. All Japanese should empower their great country to be very powerful to help other weaker nations through peaceful and diplomatic means in addition to economic means. Japan should stay strong to defend its territories and people in case it has direct threats against its country and people, and Japan should spread its great experience in solving great problems in peaceful way. Wish the best for Japan and hope Japan can help our counrty in solving its difficulties peacefully.”

In Master Okawa’s lecture, he additionally referred to the following topics.

  • What North Korea is aiming to do next
  • What will happen in Taiwan when Tsai Ing-wen becomes President
  • 4 places in Asia where conflict can happen at any time now
  • The way Hong Kong ought to be as an autonomous region
  • Whether Japan is really worth protecting
  • The secret strategy to strengthen national defense
  • What Japan needs to do to prepare for the worst-case scenario

This lecture can be viewed at your local Happy Science branch.
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Master Okawa’s Lecture: “I Don’t Want to Add Any More Seeds of Conflict in the World”
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