The Comfort Women Deal: True Relations Must Be Built on Truth, Not on PM Abe’s Betrayal of His People

A foreign minister meeting was recently held in Seoul, South Korea over the Comfort Women Problem, consequently coming to a mutual agreement.

The points of agreement were as follows:

  • Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is to apologise in place of the Japanese Imperial Army, under whose involvement many women had their pride and dignity stolen.
  • The Japanese government is to pay 1 billion yen to foundations established by the South Korean government that support former-Comfort Women.
  • The Comfort Women Problem is hereby solved, disallowing any further intervention by either government, placing a ban on raising this issue at the UN or any international conference.

The Liberty Web has continuously been publishing that we must not easily give in regarding this problem, but at this foreign minister meeting, not only did the Japanese government easily give in, they acted with servility towards the South Korean government. Shinzo Abe who has been promising to break out of the post-WWII regime, has now betrayed his people.


Ambiguous Descriptions That the Rest Of The World Can’t Understand

In this mutual agreement, Prime Minister Abe has agreed that the Comfort Women were under the Japanese Army’s involvement, has agreed to come to a diplomatic settlement. It has caused greater damage to the international community than the Kono Statement submitted by the eponymous Chief Cabinet Secretary. Although the Japanese government agreed that the Japanese Army was involved, it was not enforced, and the Japanese government made appeals for South Korea to stop using the term ‘sex slave’. The rest of the world, however, will fail to grasp this euphemism, and thus the world is bound to think that it was enforced.

This is evident as the New York Times have called them ‘sex slaves’ in their recent reports. They reported that the Japanese government have apologised and paid the South Korean government, through mutual agreement that the Japanese Imperial Army enforced South Korean women into sex slavery.

It is clear that from the vantage point of overseas media, ambiguous Japanese descriptions are inadequate and incomprehensible.


The Treaty of Basic Relations Between Japan and the Republic of Korea Abolished

The bigger problem is that the Japanese government paid 1 billion yen to Comfort Women support foundations established by the South Korean government.

Until now, the Japanese government had been saying that Wartime reparation had been resolved according to the Treaty of Basic Relations between Japan and the Republic of Korea. In addition, they had been paying alleged former-Comfort Women reparation through the Asian Women’s Fund, that functions through public investment.

The Japanese government have claimed that the paid 1 billion yen is not reparation, but it was the Korean government that proposed to make diplomatic settlement, interpreting that this last payment was the agreed settlement money.


South Korea Keeps Complaining

In the foreign minister meeting, they also discussed about refraining from raising criticism of the Comfort Women statues erected in front of the Japanese embassy in Seoul, registration of Comfort Women related material to the UNESCO Memory of the World, in international community. None of this, however, was put down in formal writing, and as a result there is no guarantee that it will be followed.

Of course, there are pros and cons regarding this nonsensical mutual agreement not being put in formal writing, but at least this is clear: this is not completely ‘resolved’ as the Japanese government expects it to be.

As mentioned earlier, this issue was actually already resolved, but until now the South Korean government has brought it back up countless times, using it as their favourite diplomatic device. There were times when they altered their administration, claiming that they were now unable to keep their promises. Looking back over such an history, it is pure naiveté to think that they will keep their promises this time.

This act of giving in to South Korea who keeps complaining, and admitting a false truth is utter diplomatic defeat. It reminds us that with the UNESCO Memory of the World accepting China’s Nanking Massacre documents, again it was ultimately the Japanese government that gave in.

Even if the Comfort Women statue were to be removed from in front of the Japanese embassy in Seoul, it cannot prevent America and other neighbouring countries from erecting their own statues and memorials. This apparent ‘mutual agreement’ may even give China justification to expand its military power on the basis that ‘Japan is an evil country that handled sex slaves’.


Future-Oriented Relationships Are Built Upon Truth

It is understandable that one would be tempted to use an apology and some money to settle a repeatedly arising problem. But a relationship based upon lies is a fragile thing.

In the foreign minister meeting, Prime Minister Abe said that ‘I can say with confidence that the Japan-South Korea relationship is about to enter a future-oriented stage’, but it is impossible for a relationship based on an agreement of lies, to look towards the future. True friendship can only be built upon truth.
For this reason, many historians today have been working hard to prove that “Comfort Women did not exist”.

In addition, Master Ryuho Okawa, founder of Happy Science has been publishing books and video clips of spiritual messages from self-proclaimed former-Comfort Women, and soldiers who fought in the Greater East Asia War, in order to reassess history.

As a result of this, in 2014 Asahi newspaper admitted a false report regarding Comfort Women, and the public has slowly started to change their opinion of Japan’s role in WWII. The currents have begun to change their course.

With this recent mutual agreement, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has completely wasted these peoples’ efforts, and reversed history back to what it was like 20 years ago.


People Seek Justice

Prime Minister Abe’s warped sense of history had been apparent since the “70 Year WWII Anniversary Statement” made in August this year.

The Liberty Web has also been publishing opinions about it, but Prime Minister Abe’s mistake this time has caused significant damage.

The Japanese soldiers fought in WWII with their lives for the future of their country. What are their spirits thinking now, after Japan and South Korea came to a mutual agreement that they were demons that treated women as sex slaves?

Warm-hearted people who know of the truth, however, are steadily increasing. Those people will fight in the name of justice, to bring back pride in the country Japan, and the soldiers who fought to protect it.

The Truth is strong and unwavering. Ignoring truth for immediate profit will definitely have consequences. We would like Prime Minister Abe to be someone who is more modest in the name of truth.

The Comfort Women Deal: True Relations Must Be Built on Truth, Not on PM Abe’s Betrayal of His People
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