How to Gain True Knowledge of the ‘Common Sense’ of the Universe
The Majority of English, German, And American People Believe in Extraterrestrials

The English data research company YouGov recently conducted a survey of people in England, Germany, and America on the question: “Do you believe there is extraterrestrial intelligent life?”

The results were thus: 52% of 1,751 English, 56% of 1,171 Germans, and 54% of 1,000 Americans said they believe in extraterrestrial intelligent life.


Are the Extra-Terrestrials Too Far Away to Communicate?

In extraterrestrial research, there is something called the Fermi paradox. The paradox is as follows: although the possibility of the birth of extraterrestrial life may be low, given the great number of stars in the universe there has to be intelligent life forms out there; but why then do they not contact Earth?
YouGov did a survey on this paradox, and had each person choose 3 answers to 7 questions. The results were as follows (the total exceeds 100% as it was multiple choice):

Intelligent ET life is too far away to contact us 58%

Human technology is not advanced enough for us to communicate with intelligent ET life 57%

Intelligent ET life exists and knows we exist, but chooses not to contact Earth 24%

Intelligent ET life’s technology is not advanced enough for us to communicate with 19%

Intelligent ET life has contacted or visited Earth, but long before the development of human civilization 17%

Intelligent ET life destroys itself before living long enough to develop technology to communicate with humans 6%

What is interesting is that many people think that intelligent ET life chooses not to, or is unable to, contact us.


Earthlings Need a Deeper Understanding of Space People

If, however, the rumored UFO sightings are visits from extraterrestrials (or space people), they have already come to Earth. This of course raises the question, “Why don’t they show themselves front on?”

Thinking about their circumstances, however, it is understandable that when visiting an unknown place, one would put his or her own safety first. Also, once they see these foreign creatures fighting and killing each other, it is only natural that the space people would refrain from eagerly showing themselves.

If humans were to encounter space people or UFOs, the majority would surely take a fight-or-flight stance, rather than trying to understand them. Indeed, there are some ferocious space people out there, and just being nice may not be the correct reaction; but it is also true that first humankind must share the understanding that ‘extraterrestrials do exist’, and to know ‘which space people to stay away from when interacting with them’.

That is, Earthlings must have insight enough to endure and gain from interactions with space people.

In October, an animated movie “The Laws of the Universe Part 0” will be released, filled with such knowledge and information on space people. It is a fantastic work containing an extremely important new sort of ‘common sense’ of the universe, which even world-class research institutions such as NASA are unable to uncover.


How to Gain True Knowledge of the ‘Common Sense’ of the Universe
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