Russia Strengthens Its Intervention in Syria: It Is Time for Assad to Step Down

With the Syrian Civil Conflict Becoming Increasingly Worse, Russia Has Deployed Tanks And Fighter Jets in Syria as ‘Military Support’ for the Pro-Russian Assad Regime

Lying behind the intervention is the intention of taking over the Assad regime, which is becoming increasingly weak due to attacks by the Islamic State, the Islamic extremist organization. Russia is on guard against Islamic State terrorism within Russia, and it has made the elimination of the Islamic State its top priority.

In the Security Council meeting held on the 15th, President Putin of Russia expressed how impossible it is to eliminate the terrorists if Russia does not join hands with the Syrian Regime, thus advancing how imperative it is for Russia to cooperate with the Assad regime in order to remove the Islamic State.

In response to this, America expressed its anxiety saying that if Russia strengthens its intervention, the Syrian civil conflict will intensify, becoming a negative influence on the plan to eliminate the Islamic State. U. S. Secretary of National Defense, Ashton Carter, and Russian Minister of Defense, Sergey Shoygu, conducted a phone call on the 18th. Here, Carter shared his opinion that the Islamic State and the changing of the Assad regime are problems that must be pursued simultaneously, and thus put the brakes on Russia.


President Putin’s True Intention Is to Switch the Assad Regime Secretly

Does Putin, who is receiving much criticism from his neighboring countries himself, want the continuation of the Assad regime that has massacred its own people?

In April 2014, Master Ryuho Okawa, founder of Happy Science, called upon the guardian spirit of President Putin to find out his true intentions. The President’s guardian spirit said that America does not understand the Syrian crisis.
Regarding the hundreds of thousands of victims of the Assad regime, he said the following:

If America drops bombs, who will die? The Syrian people. The people, who America is actually trying to bomb, are in the government. I would understand it if the revolutionary powers were causing a revolution in the name of justice, but to attack using guerrilla and terrorist methods without any foresight into the situation would be risking your own country from being taken over.

President Putin’s guardian spirit then spoke about the continuation of the Assad regime. He said that if the regime can be replaced through peaceful, lawful ways, that would be good, but he didn’t think it would be desirable that the regime collapse through violent means such as guerilla warfare and terrorism.

President Putin does not really want a regime change, but seeks to change the Assad regime peacefully. To leave the Assad government, which has massacred its people and created refugees, to its own powers, however, would be unacceptable. Seeking a resignation of the Assad regime is the correct method.

Russia Strengthens Its Intervention in Syria: It Is Time for Assad to Step Down
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