A Failed Middle East Policy Leads to a Refugee Crisis

The number of Middle Eastern and African refugees migrating to Europe has increased dramatically. This year alone, over 150,000 refugees heading to Germany from Hungary, leaving a trail of chaos and disorder along the way.

According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), over 300,000 refugees crossed the Mediterranean Sea into Europe so far this year, exceeding the 220,000 total from last year.

The reasons behind this increase lie in the collapse of order in the Middle East due to the rise of the Islamic State and the persistence of other such conflicts. Further exacerbating the situation is the poverty and starvation in places such as Bangladesh and Afghanistan.


EU Nations Struggle With Migration

Frequently there are cases where people die fleeing their country amidst danger. On August 27th there was an incident near the border of Hungary where 71 people suffocated to death after climbing into a refrigerator truck abandoned on a highway. On the same day, a boat carrying around 500 people from the Syrian region capsized in the Mediterranean Sea, killing over 100. This year alone, approximately 2500 refugees have died or gone missing in the Mediterranean Sea.

To address the escalating refugee crisis, the EU plans to make it an obligation for EU nations to accept a maximum allotment of 160,000 refugees that arrive in Italy, Greece and Hungary. Some, like Germany, have appealed their inviting stance by announcing that they will accept 800,000, but others in Central and Eastern Europe have expressed strong opposition.


American Military Nonintervention is Prolonging the Syrian Civil War

America’s failure in dealings with Syria lies at the root of the refugee crisis.

Since the start of the Arab Spring in early 2011, there has been a collapse of order in the Middle East. In addition, despite emerging evidence that Assad had used chemical weapons against civilians, in September 2013 the United States decided not to intervene, thus intensifying the civil war.

Since the United States abdicated its position as the security guarantor of last resort, and chaos in the Middle East magnified. Since receiving news of the current refugee crisis, Republican Presidential hopeful New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has been criticizing President Obama for not undertaking military action.

There have been reports recently that the Assad regime, through covert cooperation with the Islamic State which has assumed control over half of Syria, are moving together to defeat the anti-regime rebels. By April 2015, the death toll in Syria exceeded 220, 000. In July, the number of Syrian refugees who fled to nearby countries exceeded 4 million; the total number of refugees including those within Syria counts well over 11 million.

In September 2013 when President Obama was expressing his reluctance for military intervention, Master Ryuho Okawa founder of Happy Science had researched Syrian President Assad’s true intentions by interviewing guardian spirit.

The guardian spirit of Assad, the president who continues to massacre his own citizens, said that, “bad people must perish from this earth! Bad people are the people who act against my will! My will is the same as God. God’s Will! Because I’m a president.”

After the spiritual interview, Master Okawa commented that, “we must stop the world from becoming like a city without police that is filled with violence. My thought is that they [the U.S.] should have intervened much earlier.”

America needs to return to its mission as the ‘world police’ in order to protect those innocent civilians. In addition, Japan needs to open its gates to accept refugees, and thus take the first step to becoming a country that thinks of the happiness of the people.

A Failed Middle East Policy Leads to a Refugee Crisis
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