Japanese Researchers Refute American Scholars on the Comfort Women

The Liberty Magazine previously reported regarding a matter in May this year, when 187 American researchers and historians specializing in Japan publicized a statement supporting Japanese historians. This prompts the need for an unprejudiced removal from history of the supposed ‘mistakes’ made by Japan during WWII, especially the Imperial Army’s involvement with the management of comfort women brothels.

Those that approve of this statement have increased to 460 people, and include individuals such as Ezra Vogel emeritus professor at Harvard University famous for his research into China and Japan, and John W. Dower emeritus professor at MIT and leading authority on the modern history of Japan.

The information that the Japanese Imperial Army was involved with the transportation of comfort women and the management of comfort women brothels is a complete fabrication. That the comfort women were forcibly taken is none other than a false truth promoted by China and South Korea. The facts of this fabricated history is spreading amongst the scholars in America, and Japanese scholars have refuted, understanding the graveness of this situation. Toshio Watanabe, Chancellor of Takushoku University acted as the central figure in writing a ‘response’ and on the 6th of August, presented it in a press conference at the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan.

(You can download the whole ‘response’ from here)

Chancellor Toshio Watanabe said that, “a close inspection has revealed the truth behind the comfort women. In August last year, Asahi News withdrew their statement that the women were forcibly removed, admitting to the falsity of this report. The claim made by American historians that ‘Among the many instances of wartime sexual violence and military prostitution in the twentieth century, the “comfort women” system was distinguished by its large scale and systematic management under the military, and by its exploitation of young, poor, and vulnerable women in areas colonized or occupied by Japan’ is ignoring the reexamination conducted by Japan.”

In addition, Chancellor Watanabe claimed that Japan and America do not hold a unified historical interpretation regarding the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and the Great Tokyo Air Raid. Being forced to accept the American view of history will hinder international relations.

At the press conference, professor Tsutomu Nishioka of Tokyo Christian University presented the ‘response’ paper. Its principle argument was as follows:
1. The facts regarding the number of comfort women and their abduction are not true, and we request a correction of the descriptions based on false truths.
2. Considering that the USSR permitted Manchurians and Germans to rape women and children of war-defeated nations, and that the U.S. Army used Japanese girls as prostitutes when they occupied Japan, there are no grounds for comfort women to receive an honorable mention.

The chief of the East Asia branch of a Middle Eastern media company posed a question at the conference: Japan has been accused of violence against women, but were women’s rights infringed by former Allied nations, China and North Korea? To this question, Tsutomu Nishioka gave an outline of women’s rights infringements in China and North Korea, and advanced that it is unreasonable to ignore women’s rights infringements that are occurring right now, to only criticize Japan.

By highlighting and criticizing Japan for the comfort women issue, which was in fact fabricated by China and South Korea, America is trying to justify their own crime against humanity: the dropping of the atom bomb. America should cease their struggle alongside China and South Korea in issues regarding history.

Japan was fighting against communism, but was bashed by America and now communism has spread throughout the world like wildfire. Now there is a dire need for tens of millions of people to view a true history with all falsity removed. If this fails to happen, facing the hegemony of the Communist Party of China would be impossible. The request is a simple one: a reflection upon the American perception of history.

Japanese Researchers Refute American Scholars on the Comfort Women
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