The Teachings of Love


Choose the Teachings of Love

Since the end of WWII, the Jewish people have returned to their Promised Land, established the state of Israel, and have shown themselves to be incredibly adept at foreign affairs and economics in bringing prosperity to their country. In addition, they have produced highly able people, and continue to contribute to the advancement of mankind.

On the other hand, over the last 50 years, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has plagued the region. The Israeli air strikes in response to the rocket attacks by Hamas (Islamic extremists) of Palestinian Gaza, killed over 2,000 civilians, causing dismay throughout the U.S. and Europe.


A History Influenced by the God of Envy

Why does conflict continue to afflict the Jewish people?

Its roots reside in the Jewish scripture, the Old Testament, which alludes to the Jews as the Chosen People, showing what appears to be a somewhat xenophobic view. It also contains passages that, when interpreted through a particular worldview, may be seen as advocating violence.

The Old Testament actually contains the words of two distinctly different Gods; those of Elohim that teach universal love, and those of Yahweh, the God of envy. The xenophobic views are the words of Yahweh, and not those of Elohim, who is in fact a completely different being.

Yahweh was originally a regional God, but since Christianity included and supported the Old Testament in its scriptures, Yahweh became more influential than he would have otherwise been.

Through spiritual investigations conducted at Happy Science, it has been revealed that the spirit of Yahweh has previously been born in the Mongolian Empire as Kublai Khan, and during WWII as President Franklin Roosevelt. Both men were extremely adept at war, and both have in common that their actions led to the death of many civilians.


Will They Repeat the Tragic History?

In the last few years, France has witnessed attacks on Jewish educational institutions, and large-scale demonstrations have taken place against the Israeli bombing of the Gaza Strip in 2014. In October, Sweden became the first nation in the European Union to recognize the State of Palestine. There are reports alluding to the resurgence of anti-Semitism in Europe where the Muslim population continues to grow.

If current trends continue, the Jewish people may once again see their tragic history repeat itself. It is time to cast aside their regional god, Yahweh, and choose the universal teachings of love.

The Teachings of Love
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