A Brief History of Israel


Why a Jewish grocery store was targeted

Since its foundation after WWII, Israel continues to struggle with its Muslim neighbors, as well as the Palestinians who have lost their land. This conflict can be seen in the hostage crisis that occurred at a Jewish grocery store, not long after the Charlie Hebdo incident. Is there a path to resolving this conflict?

Incidents with traces of anti-Semitism have been escalating in France, a nation with a relatively large number of Muslim immigrants. The attack on the Jewish grocery store, which occurred in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo incident, can be seen within a larger picture; the conflict between Islam and Judaism. Criticisms of Israel have mounted, not only in Islamic countries but also in the US and Europe, since the bombing of the Palestinian Gaza Strip in the summer of 2014, which was seen by some to be a disproportionate response to attacks by Hamas.


“The Promised Land”

The history of Israel began long before its foundation in 1948. According to the “Old Testament”, around the 11th century BCE, the Kingdom of Israel was established in the Middle East, and was ruled by David and later by Solomon.

The land of Israel had much religious significance for the Jewish people, believed to be the land promised to them by God.

The Kingdom of Israel, however, underwent turbulent times such as invasion by its neighbors. In the 2nd century BCE, it was overrun by the Roman Empire. Thus, the remaining Jews had no choice but to flee all over the world. Since then, many Jews had sought to return to the land of Israel and to reestablish their own country. After WWII, they succeeded in reestablishing Israel with the support of the US. They have now become the sole democratic country in the Middle East in possession of the most advanced military.


Tens of Thousands of Palestinians Lose their Homes

In the span of over thousands of years, between its ruin and its reestablishment, Jewish history faced dark times. With the foundation of Israel in 1948, hundreds of thousands of Palestinians, who had been living on the land, were driven out of their homes, and became refugees.

Although the UN officially accepted the foundation of Israel, Palestinians naturally found it difficult to accept their fate. The Palestinians, and the supporting Islamic nations, resisted the outcome, and even now after 50 years, conflict continues to plague the region.

A Brief History of Israel
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