“God is Alive!” – God’s Truth surpasses contemporary academics
"God is not Silent"

Master Okawa gave a lecture that reflected on the year 2014, and provided a guiding vision for the year ahead.


The conflict between Faith and Academics

Master Okawa disclosed that, as articulated in the main concept from 2014, “The Laws of Perseverance”, the year had indeed been one of endurance and perseverance. He said that great figures throughout history have accomplished remarkable feats through times of suffering, and we [Happy Science] were no exception.
He went on to mention the Pakistani activist and Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Malala Yousafzai. Strict religious tenets in the Islamic world do not allow women the freedom to receive a sufficient education. This discrimination of women is an internationally recognized issue.

After briefly discussing Malala’s appeal for the freedom of women, Master Okawa proceeded to question whether receiving the sort of education offered in developed countries is in fact ideal. That is, he challenged the current state of education, which is engulfed in materialistic and positivist thought, and claims of how ‘God is dead’ and that ‘religion should be eradicated’.

In addition, Master Okawa referred to the film “God’s not Dead” released in March (USA). It portrayed the struggle that a student faces as his university lecturer compels the class to write “God is dead” and sign it before beginning a philosophy lecture, or risk failing the course.

Master said that the film reflected a similar situation that Happy Science faced in October, as the Ministry of Education denied accreditation of Happy Science University based on the reasoning being that learning from ‘spiritual messages’ was not a scientifically justified academic methodology. Master Okawa warned of the mistake of separating faith from higher education.


The Truth starts from One Person

The same could be said of politics. Master Okawa noted how the ‘common sense’ that is accepted in 21st century society is far from the Truth of God. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s campaign slogan during the 2014 parliamentary election, “economic recovery, this is our only path”, illustrates this very hubris.

He further spoke of an important and fundamental Truth: that everything first starts from a single grain of wheat; and that in the case of the Prophets of the Old Testament, and even Jesus Christ, there was only one person that could hear the voice of God.

Master Okawa has continued to sow seeds of Truth, to spread the teachings that have come down from the Heavenly World to himself, and one after another, believers of these teachings have been increasing.

Throughout the world now, many people hide their faith to avoid societal disadvantages. In addition, the negative aspects of the ‘popular rule’ and Democracy, are becoming increasingly apparent.

Master declared the need to surpass contemporary academics: the sort of education that is navigating the course of society when it cannot even edify why humans are born.

The lecture closed with one message: “God is alive”.

Thus ended a lecture that revealed a glimpse of the sempiternal Truth of God.

“God is Alive!” – God’s Truth surpasses contemporary academics
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