Physically Challenged People Serve as Bulwarks against Forgetting God’s Love
A Happiness Theory from Helen Keller

While Himiko of Wa, Toyouke-no-Okami (the goddess of agriculture and industry in Shintoism), and other great female figures throughout history have presented their own happiness theories, one after the other, in the form of spiritual messages to Master Ryuho Okawa, he’s also communicated with women like Helen Keller, who was a person known to have suffered from a triple handicap. Why you might ask? Why would Master Okawa ask people with disabilities for their happiness theories? The answer is because he wants to encourage more people to confront their destinies even if they’re not great. What follows is a report on his session with her.


Helen Keller Persevered in the Face of Adversities

At the age of two, Helen Keller ran a high fever, which left her deaf, blind, and unable to speak. Then, with the aid of Anne Sullivan, Keller’s instructor, she graduated from a prestigious college, Radcliffe, and then she devoted her life to various humanitarian assistance activities. Her life, filled with adversities and efforts to overcome them, might be beyond the imagination of able-bodied people.

Regarding her triple handicap, Helen said, “What you think of as unhappiness was the cause for my happiness. I really think so.”

Then, she stated that even though there are so many seeds of unhappiness in the world, you should accept them as manifestations of the works of God, which can open up your life.

When asked about why she could persevere in her efforts in the face of such adversities, she stressed that she was successful thanks to the good intentions of the people around her and because she accepted her own destiny.

Helen talked about her views on faith, the world, and the people that she had in her life on Earth, which brought home the fact that she had strong convictions about spirituality. What she said made us realize that she expanded her inner self through her intellectual curiosities, and those pursuits led her to happiness.

She discussed her life since returning to heaven and what her roles have been. Then, Helen talked about the mission of people born with handicaps, saying, “They serve as bulwarks so that people don’t forget God’s love.”

Her beautiful message was full of faith, and at the same time Helen’s words provided caution for the people of today who have made the mistake of losing faith in God and his miracles.

Physically Challenged People Serve as Bulwarks against Forgetting God’s Love
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