The “God of Management” Explained How to Practice the Spirit of Capitalism
Konosuke Matsushita Talked about His Secrets of Success from the Business World

The economic slowdown due to the consumption tax hike is becoming apparent in Japan’s economy. In the hope that Japan will realize prosperity again, Master Ryuho Okawa summoned the spirit of Konosuke Matsushita, the “God of Management,” and had a Q&A session with him on his secrets of success from the business world.


Japan Has Lost Its Entrepreneurial Spirit

When asked how to develop a business, the spirit of Matsushita thought back on his life while he was alive, and stated flatly, “Nothing what the scholars said helped me to manage a business.” He mentioned the importance of wisdom acquired through practical experience and explained in detail why intellectuals were unfit for business management.

He pointed out that it was necessary to eliminate sectionalism in order to grow a business. He also explained, through the use of specific examples, the wisdom to let the management mindset permeate through an entire organization and the characteristics of corporations that have been able to do it.

Regarding today’s situation, in which non-store retailing such as online shopping has become popular, he issued a warning about some dangers that we hadn’t considered before.

Then, when asked how to become an entrepreneur, he answered that one should not think too logically. He taught several points to practice for everyone to acquire the knack for management, clearly explaining how an entrepreneur should be in serving customers and selling products.

Toward the end of the interview, when a questioner asked about the best time to start a business, the spirit of Matsushita expressed his concern over the loss of the entrepreneurial spirit or the spirit of capitalism in Japan due to over 20 years of deflation. He said that the government seemed to be fighting left-leaning journalism, but in fact it was trying to take a convoy fleet approach to the supervision of the management of enterprise, calling the situation into question.

Matsushita referred to the importance of the spirit of capitalism and how to cultivate it, and then he set a potential price for a spiritual message seminar if it were held for businesses. He actually showed us the secrets of doing business.

The spiritual message from Konosuke Matsushita provided us with the chance to learn keys to success in business that were full of practical wisdom, and he actually shared with us some of his secrets.

The “God of Management” Explained How to Practice the Spirit of Capitalism
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