How and for What Did Germany and Japan Apologize?
An analysis of the starting point:

Besides China and Korea, the left wing media in Japan often say that “Japan should apologize like Germany”, but how exactly has Japan already apologized?



Japan’s purpose for entering World War II was self-defense and to liberate Asia from Western colonialism. Japan had not conducted, participated in, or fostered a “holocaust”. Indeed Japan was the first nation to help with the migration of the Jews.

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However, “Compensation for War” has been conducted.

● Japan signed “peace treaties” with various nations, and gave compensation

Via the “San Francisco Peace Treaty” (1951), and other peace treaties with various nations, carried out state compensation and economic assistance with various Asian nations based on agreements.

● Japan also compensated China and Korea

China confiscated assets amounting to 20 trillion yen that Japan had invested over the years. China later abandoned receiving compensation at the “Japan-China Joint Statement” (1972). At the “Treaty on Basic Relations between Japan and the Republic of Korea” (1965), 800,000,000 U.S. dollars (about 290 billion yen) – approximately 2 years of Korea’s national budget at the time – was given to Korea as assistance.

Even more, apologies and economic assistance far beyond the call of necessity was given.

● The “Kono Discourse” (1993), and “Maruyama Discourse” (1995)

Apologized for false historical facts, such as the propaganda that the Japanese army “forced Korean women into becoming comfort women,” and “committed a war of aggression.”

● Economic assistance such as ODA

Japan has given economic assistance to various Asian nations. Over 6 trillion yen has been invested through ODA and international organizations, especially to China.



Germany’s war was clearly aggressive. Furthermore, they aimed to exterminate the ethnic Jews and other groups through the “Holocaust”.

However, they had not made “Compensation for War”.

● No “peace treaty” had been signed with other nations

Generally, official compensation for war is based on “peace treaties.” Due to the chaos such, as the division between East and West Germany, Germany has not signed any official “peace treaties”.

What Germany has been doing is apologizing for the “Holocaust” to the exclusion of all other issues
●Falling down on the knees at Warsaw (1970):
At the Warsaw Ghetto (the Jewish quarantined area), Chancellor Brandt of East Germany, fell to his knees lying flowers before the memorial.

● West Germany President Weizsacker’s Speech (1985)

At a ceremony marking 40 years post-war, President Weizsacker said, “Those who close their eyes to the past also are blind to the present.” However, this speech alluded only to the Nazis.

● 10 trillion yen Nazi in crime compensation

Germany had been giving compensation to the victims of Nazi persecution inside and outside the country. That amount is said to be about 10 trillion yen.



Germany has been apologizing and compensating the victims of the “Holocaust”, but they have not apologized for their war of aggression as a country. On the other hand, even as Japan fought for self-defense and the liberation of Asia, Japan has been compensating for the war. Japan has no need for further apologies.

How and for What Did Germany and Japan Apologize?
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