How to Turn Information into Wisdom
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Ryuho Okawa is
the founder and CEO of Happy Science. He was born on July 7, 1956. After graduating from University of Tokyo in the faculty of law, he joined a Tokyo-based trading house. While working at its New York headquarters, he studied international finance at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York.

On March 23rd,1981, he achieved Great Enlightenment, and awakened to the hidden part of his consciousness, El Cantare, whose mission is to bring happiness to all humanity. In October, 1986, he established Happy Science. Okawa has published over 1,400 books, including The Laws of the Sun, Declaration of Happiness Realization Party. His books has sold millions of copies worldwide and in 2013 alone he published 106 books, breaking his own Guinness World Record for publishing 52 books a year. He has given over 2,100 lectures worldwide. He has also produced eight feature-length films based on his works. The movies, The Final Judgment and The Mystical Laws were released in 2012. He also established the Happy Realization Party, Happy Science Academy, and the Happy Science Institute of Government and Management.

The Question:

In the fourth chapter of The Laws of Future, Master Okawa teaches that when you become proficient in assembling information in a usable form and employing it, then that information will become complete as knowledge. I think this is related to love and faith that Happy Science teaches. Could you tell us about it?
(From Q & A session held in Yamaguchi local temple of Happy Science, March 17th, 2013)


Master Okawa’s Answer:

Connecting different things creates values

We now are living in a society that is overflowing with information. But just collecting information does not make you an intellectual and sophisticated person. There is a sea of information out there that could take up your time completely. There is also a lot of information that you get in the morning that you no longer need in the evening. So it is very important to sift through information. You have to sort out what is really important. This is the basic point that you have to bear in mind.

Anyway, there are many things that would rob you of your time, so it is essential that you choose what is really important without being interrupted by useless information. To do this, it takes some ingenuity. Doing it the “normal way” is not effective. One important thing is how you can cull only the valuable information.

Furthermore, to collect information in just one field is not always enough. The study of creation has taught us that connecting information in a certain field with another kind of information in different business or academic fields leads to the fusion of different things, creating something new.

In order to create something, you should not always focus on conceiving something completely new. Inspiration does not come so frequently.

For example, if you are seeking important information on politics while at the same time collecting valuable information in another area like management, then, pieces of information you have gathered in each area are sometimes connected with each other so that you come up with a new idea that can be applied in politics. This leads to new inventions and the creation of new values.

Let me show you another example. Those who run companies know much about management, but many politicians sometimes think that national finance is completely different from business management. Therefore, combining the ideas in these two different fields will allow you to come up with new ideas. This creates new values. The future will start to open up further by generating wisdom that can develop into seeds of tomorrow’s work, the work of the future. This is what The Laws of Future teaches.


Additional value generated by those with love and faith will open the future in the right direction.

What will happen if this is combined with love and faith? As I mentioned earlier, the idea that connecting different kinds of information creates new wisdom forms the basis of the study of creation and this idea is true of both arts and science.
When love and faith are added to that, the creation goes straight in the direction of the creation of utopia that is the will of God.

Of course, devils also employ this method to create. They combine various kinds of information to find their enemy’s vulnerable points and attack them. There can be inventions that could guide a nation and the world in the wrong direction.

Creation can work in both positive and negative ways, but I think I can say that with love and faith, the future will open up in the right direction. So, it is essential that people who have love and faith think about creating additional value.

Happy Science is a religious organization, but our activities sometimes go beyond the so-called “religion”. On the whole, we are often seen as engaging in activities to enlighten the public. This is because we voice opinions in various fields. We connect important diverse information and create new values. This makes Happy Science different from other existing religions. Happy Science can provide a multitude of answers to the problems facing today’s society. However, traditional religions that rely only on the antiquated sutras cannot address such problems.

For example, the old sutras such as Daizo-kyo sutra (the Tripitake) do not mention the issue of the generation of nuclear power. When I was born as Shakyamuni Buddha 2600 years ago, I never talked about such an issue, and of course you cannot find it in any sutra.

To find answers to the new problems of today, you just have to connect well-chosen information with various other kinds of knowledge and look for a solution.

In Okinawa, the deployment of U.S. military Osprey aircraft has sparked protests, but many people argue the pros and cons of their deployment to the island based only on the fact that the Osprey is prone to accidents. The media has not properly reported that the government is trying to bring in the Osprey because it could play an important role in transporting Japanese citizens as well as American citizens in case of emergencies in the Korean Peninsula or China.

Whether you are well aware of this kind of fact or not makes a difference. Connecting various kinds of information allows you to understand why the deployment of the Osprey aircraft to Okinawa is necessary. Then, you intelligently come to the informed conclusion that one must not oppose this deployment.

Those who do not have the proper knowledge just object to the plans to deploy the Osprey, claiming that the government has not fully confirmed its safety. However, the deployment of the Osprey is aimed at rescuing Japanese citizens abroad, which will in fact enhance security. The government cannot talk about it much because it is military secret.

To deal with emergencies in the Korean Peninsula and China, the U.S. has already estimated the number of people to be evacuated and drawn up an evacuation plan
Without the Osprey aircraft, it would be quite difficult to rescue people quickly, so the U.S is trying to deploy this aircraft to Japan despite the strong opposition. The US is taking these matters into account.

However, how fast the Osprey can evacuate people is confidential information. If this kind of information were disclosed, citizens living overseas might be held hostage in the event of war and a tragedy like the one that occurred in the Amenas hostage crisis in Algeria can happen.

To prevent this kind of situation, it is crucial to evacuate people as soon as possible. In case of war, you must take into consideration how to best rescue American and Japanese citizens and how long it may take. If you think you can solve the situation only through diplomacy without developing such a strategy, you are gravely mistaken.

If you also study military affairs, different sorts of information are connected, which help you reach a conclusion that other people may not come up with.

They may not understand what you say at first, but they will understand several years from now that you made a right decision. Thus, assembling various kinds of information can lead to having auspicious foresight.

First, access different kinds of information and choose what is important. Connecting those different pieces of information generates new wisdom and new work. This will be the power to create the future. When those who have faith and love utilize this to create the future, society will move in a positive direction.


The importance of information and knowledge seen in the campaigns against nuclear power plants and the deployment of Osprey aircraft

Among those who participated in the anti-nuclear power movement last summer, very few could answer if they understood that the phase out of nuclear would cause an increase in electricity rates and trade deficit, forcing people to live harder lives.
What is worse, when I watched a TV program, I heard a newspaper editor say that about 20,000 people were killed in the explosion of a nuclear power station. I wonder if they forgot that a tsunami was the underlying event? While they have been reporting the issue of nuclear power stations, they got confused and erroneously reported that 20,000 people died in the nuclear accident.

Our society is overflowing with information, but we cannot just let information overflow. We have to pan for gold and create materials useful for work and activities. It is important to spread something positive for the future.

The movie, The Final Judgment came out on DVD, and I watched it at home. When it was released in Japan in June, 2013, most people did not understand the message of the movie, nor did the media. Only in 2013, Japanese people shuddered to hear the leaders of the People’s Liberation Army say that they would consider carrying out an air raid on Tokyo if war broke out.

The idea that China would invade Japan seemed like make-believe in the movie. But it has roots in reality. To see it, you have to understand the fundamental aspects of current events based on accurate information and be prepared to predict what may happen in the future.
I am something akin to a “human Pentagon,” so I can predict the future.


Keep studying and become a human resource to bring happiness to other people

Happy Science is more than just a religion. We wish to guide people in a way that everyone – not just Japanese people but people all over the world – becomes truly happy. You may not be able to completely understand our plans along the way, but I want you to believe and this is what faith truly means.

As I mentioned earlier, when it comes to confidential information, there are some times when a government cannot explain it reasons for some actions.
Happy Realization Party once tried to urge the importance of Japan’s possessing nuclear weapons in preparation for possible nuclear attacks from China and/or North Korea. They have already developed nuclear weapons, so if Japan carried out a large-scale campaign, it would create a good target for their nuclear attacks. Therefore, Japan has to keep a low profile.

I was just reading in today’s paper that the U.S. will deploy 14 ground-based interceptor missiles to Alaska. Even the U.S. is planning to set up a missile base in Alaska in preparation for potential nuclear missile attacks from North Korea. There is an imminent danger.

If Japan spends many years on debates in the Diet, it could be subjected to a pre-emptive attack from a malicious nation. So we are now in a situation that we have to conduct secret nuclear weapons development.

At the moment, North Korea is thinking only about attacking South Korea or the U.S. This does not mean that it can attack Japan, because it knows Japan does not possess nuclear weapons. If Japan should declare its intention of possessing nuclear arms, it might also become a target for North Korean missile attacks. This has to be taken into account.

As Shoin Yoshida (a Japanese scholar and military and political philosopher) said, studying is very important. You must read vast number of books and become a person who leaves his mark 1,000 years from now. So let us study intelligently and hard.

How to Turn Information into Wisdom
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