Next year is the 70th anniversary since the end of the war:
Japan and Germany Must Take Back Their “Pride” (Part 1)

Time for Japan and Germany to move beyond recrimination and apology to take their rightful place as peaceful leaders in the Community of Nations

Even today, Japan and Germany, having lost the war seventy years ago, is asked to express regret and apologize for past actions long atoned for. Must both of these nations continue to apologize? Does any fault lie with Allies, the victorious nations? War may be about winning and losing, but that is not necessarily a criterion for determining “justice”. We shall inspect the “justice” handed down from the Great War, as we approach 2015, seventy years post- war. While we must never forget, it is time for closure.

Every year as summer approaches, there appears to be an increase in television programs and newspaper articles concerning “war”.

However, the majority of them are based on a “masochistic view of history” that says Japan did terrible things to China and Korea, with its contents intended to instill guilt, implying, “Japan was an evil nation.” Amongst the opinions heard is, “Japan needs to apologize like Germany!”

However, must Japan really apologize for what happened in World War II? How has Germany, who gave rise to the Nazis, apologized? Doesn’t America, who dropped two atomic bombs on Japan, need to apologize?

We’ve taken another look at the “crimes” of the three nations, Japan, Germany and America, as the 70th anniversary of the end of the war approaches in 2015.


The United States Germany Japan Questions

●The Tokyo air raids, the dropping of the atom bombs was a holocaust

An interview with

Shiro Takahashi

●Murdered 6 million Jews

*Various explanations exist concerning the number.

An interview with

Satoshi Tanaka

●The Nanjing Massacre is propagandized fiction

●Iris Chang’s book is being questioned for accuracy

An interview with

Shoichi Watanabe

Kenichi Ara

Holocaust happened?

●Discriminated against blacks

●Japanese experienced discrimination as well with such things as the anti-immigration law

An interview with

Hiromichi Moteki

●Jews were persecuted

●”Elimination of racial discrimination” was stressed for the first time at the international conference did not happen

●Rescue Jews as a matter of national policy

An interview with

Ben-Ami Shillony

Was there racial discrimination?

●No apology or compensation made

An interview with

Thomas Berger

●Apology and compensation were made concerning the holocaust

An interview with

Ernst Nolte

Emi Kawaguchi-Mahn

●Tied together belligerent nation and peace

●Completed all legal proceedings with state compensation

Were apology and compensation made?

Next year is the 70th anniversary since the end of the war:
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