Break Down the Obstacles around the World with Methods and Ideas Born in Japan
"The Power to Break Down the Wall"

On the topic of work and life, there may be many people who are running up against what look like “obstacles”, and are suffering from a sense of failure. Master Okawa, entitling it “The Power to Break Down the Wall”, gave a sermon full of wisdom and courage for breaking through obstacles.


Recognizing the Wall inside the Heart and Breaking through With the Power of Thought as a Weapon

The first obstacle to be broken through that Master Okawa emphasized was the wall in one’s heart. He stated that the Japanese in general “have a propensity for strong negative thoughts”, and for that reason, “there are too many whose pattern of thinking is to maintain the status quo, rejecting the new, the unknown, and those without precedent.” Further, he stated that it is important to “acquire the habit of switching to positive thinking,” as many people are in the “habit” of making excuses as to why they are not able to accomplish things.

In his sermon, he emphasized this “power of thought” to be the weapon of choice to break down difficulties, and, by using examples from his own experiences and the history of Happy Science, the Master explained in detail the means by which one may go about tearing down the walls.

In the early days of Happy Science, the organization’s activities were supported mainly through the Master’s lectures and seminars. But after building the Shoshinkan and temples, training was then done by his disciple. Its activities have now expanded into education, and an ideal model of education was realized with the opening of a middle school and a high school by Happy Science Academy, together with a university which is expected to open in the near future. At first they were novices, but guided by a clear vision of one’s goals, they were able to overcome many obstacles, and have now reached a professional level. This process tore down the preconceptions, biases, and stereotypes commonly held by the world.

Master Okawa lamented that “there are only a few things that have originated from Japan and is making an impact on the world”. He stated his vision for Happy Science University to create individuals of talent and skills that are different from Japanese of previous generations, and are capable of formulating ideas and solutions to overcome the many difficulties afflicting the world.

Break Down the Obstacles around the World with Methods and Ideas Born in Japan
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