Messages from Ryuho Okawa’s Guardian Spirit:
China Is Following in the Footsteps of the Former Soviet Union; The World Will Experience a Second Cold War (Part 2)

Master Ryuho Okawa of the Happy Science Group has provided us with guidance from Guardian Spirits in his spiritual message series, which have been presented to followers of his lectures, articles, and books that he published worldwide. Because the concept of Spiritual Guardians seems to be area open to skepticism in the media, Master Okawa has taken the time to introduce us to his own Guardian Spirit in order to advance our understanding on the subject. It is the intent of this article to help you further comprehend the role of Guardian Spirits and to remove some of your skepticism.

Skeptical people often have questions about the concepts, “How much influence does Happy Science and Master Okawa’s Happiness Realization Party’s activities have on his awareness and do they translate into the voices of the guardian spirits that he contacts?

Master suggests, similar to the myriad faces that people find on the statues of the Buddha, that these voices are diverse expressions of an ultimate, spiritual reality that comes what he calls “the other world”.

In the spiritual messages below, Master Okawa’s Guardian Spirit offers his enlightenment on subjects that range from the Japanese Constitution (including the issue of the peace clause), the significance of the founding the Happiness Realization Party, and religious and political revolutions. In his final transmission of thoughts, the Guarding Spirit spirit spoke truthfully about Master Ryuho Okawa’s life plan. He also revealed why people should place importance on self-reliance as well as the necessity of faith in an outside power.

Below is a portion of the Spiritual Messages from Master Okawa’s Guardian Spirit.


The Words and Actions of the Happiness Realization Party Have Changed the Course of Japan

GS: If the Happiness Realization Party had not been founded in 2009, I think the media would have convinced everyone in Japan to embrace a friendship with China.

While it may guarantee great economic growth, the Japanese should decide whether they’re willing live under China’s protection.

If China had become an example for other countries in the world, then the idea of the Democratic Party in Japan would have been viable, but China’s attitude has not demonstrated its willingness to lead other countries through example! Somebody in Japan must step forward and say so.

In this sense, Happy Science has a significant mission. Things come from ideas. First of all, people need to express their ideas, and I believe the expression of ideas will help others to change the way that they think.


God and Buddha Will Rise in Anger Over China’s Behavior
・If Materialistic Nations Ruled the World…

GS: The historical record of the United States is full of many controversial issues, but imagine if the Soviets had been victorious in the conflict between the Soviet Union and the United States twenty years ago. Can you even fathom what kind of values would have dominated today’s global culture?

The Soviet system would have spread to all corners of the world, and everywhere, individual freedoms would have suffered. Human rights would have been devalued, and dictators would have had free reign to do anything that pleased them.

In reality, the U.S. suffered from enormous deficits for a long time, but it also continued to spend money in order to build up its military and to compete with the Soviets’ Cold War. When the Soviet Union’s financial system finally collapsed, the Cold War ended without the death of a single person.

For that chapter of its history, Americans were clearly aligned the will of God and Buddha.


・China Is Trying To Do What the Former Soviet Union Did

Right now, China is following the previous course of the former Soviet Union, and as a result God and Buddha are about to rise up in anger.


What We Are Experiencing Is Another Cold War

GS: Some countries feel closer to American values, and other nations believe more in Chinese values, but I want you to know that this fight will not be a war between freedom and equality.

Chinese values also have nothing to do with equality in the eyes of God and Buddha. Let me clarify; the force at work here is trying to turn Heaven into Hell.

It runs opposite to the idea that the souls of God’s and Buddha’s children should have the ability to grow exerting freedom they have.

Morever, if people considered all human beings as children of God and Buddha, then it is self-evident that humans have equal opportunities to develop freely. However, but the type of equality condoned by the Chinese is, a result of the Communist Party having ruled the country for too long, the one that allows the tiny number of politicians with power can silence the entire population.

Of course, China has economically opened up a little, but nothing has really changed with concern towards its core principals.

A tiny group of leaders still oppresses and exploites the masses, and leaders continue to find it natural to invade other countries based on greed.

Their actions run contrary to what God and Buddha consider freedom and to what God and Buddha consider happiness. This type of “personal development” only happens when people assume that life on earth begins and ends here.

It might look like a conflict between freedom and equality in the future, but it’s really a conflict between people who believe in God and Buddha and people who believe in the Devil. What we are experiencing is another Cold War.

We cannot allow Japan, a country that embraces God and Buddha, to fall into the hands of the Devil!

This is why the Happiness Realization Party was founded.

Messages from Ryuho Okawa’s Guardian Spirit:
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