The UN Unfairly Favoring Toward WWII Victors, Is in Need of Reforms
"Master Ryuho Okawa: A Political Revolutionary" (Part 4)


The UN Unfairly Favoring Toward WWII Victors, Is in Need of Reforms

“Master Ryuho Okawa: A Political Revolutionary” (Part 4)

Master Ryuho Okawa founded the Happiness Realization Party in 2009. Master Okawa created this organization with the aim of starting a happiness realization revolution.

However, many people have not been able to grasp his true meaning for the political arm of the largest religion in Japan.

This situation could be due to people’s lack of understanding of Master Okawa’s political philosophies.

What is a “happiness realization revolution” exactly? What ideas are behind it? If Master Okawa were to achieve his “revolution”, and the ultimate aims of the Happiness Realization Party were universally applied, even outside of Japan, then what would happen in society?

Master Ryuho Okawa has widely addressed these questions in his books and public appearances.

Here’s a five part introduction in the form of excerpts from one of his books, which will focus on Master Ryuho Okawa’s political views as the founder of the Happiness Realization Party and as a self-described “political revolutionary”.


Ryuho Okawa: The UN is also in need of reform. It only caters to the interests of WWII victors, trying to maintain their dominant positions forever. The UN needs to implement reforms in the near future.

If Happy Science continues to expand and more believers join in then eventually it shall lead to the reformation of the UN.

Japan has been the number one or number two financial contributor to the UN for years, and obviously China, North Korea and Korea would love to see this situation continue in which Japan does not even have the right to be on the security council or express its opinion on anything. But it is time for Japan to take responsibility and voice its opinion.


The EU Can Only Prosper If Germany Recovers

Ryuho Okawa: The United Nations needs reforms. Furthermore, Germany has to be integrated.

The reason things are not going well in Europe is that, just like Japan, Germany has no confidence.

— Right.

Ryuho Okawa: Germany keeps being blamed for its Nazi past. The Germans keep being told that they are the bad guys, so they have lost confidence, but Germany clearly is the center of the EU.

— Right.

Ryuho Okawa: If Germany does not become stronger, the EU cannot thrive.

Germany needs to be allowed more freedom. Other countries have to change their perspectives on Germany. Germany should be allowed to leave its period of guilt behind.

What Hitler did as a single person does not warrant atonement from everybody else for the next thousands of years.

Sometimes, people like him show up on the world stage, and to a certain extent, he was successful. From after WWI to the recovery of Germany, Hitler was seen as a hero in his country. This is a fact. Germany was in a terrible state after WWI, and like a magician, Hitler helped the country recover at an incredible speed. In this sense, he was a hero. He did do some good for his country.

The problems started when he began invading other countries. It was still understandable when he invaded his neighbors because he needed coal, but when he started attacking the Soviet Union and the UK, he went too far. This was when he went out of control.

Maybe Hitler was a dictator, but he was elected by a democratic process and had about a 90% support rate. I think the citizens at the time really supported him. Of course in the end he failed.


Japan and Germany Should Be Permanent Members of the UN Security Council

Ryuho Okawa: Anyway, just like Japan, Germany should be allowed to restore its pride, and take on its due role as a respected member of the UN security council.

— Yes.

Ryuho Okawa: If the EU does not grant more freedom to Germany, if they do not grant them freedom of expression, the EU cannot thrive as a whole. Everybody keeps picking on Germany, but loves taking their money. This does not lead to strength. It is the same situation as in Japan.

— Such are the reasons behind Germany dishing out billions to avert the European debt crisis, I see.

Ryuho Okawa: Exactly. They keep taking money from Germany without affording it a better position. They take it for granted that Germany gives them money.

If they at least listened to what Germany had to say then giving money would be no problem, but they won’t listen will they? They just want money. This is not a good situation.

This is just like the people saying if the 1% releases its funds, the other 99% will have enough to live. The EU has gained more and more member states, and more and more of them are poor.

At least Germany needs to be granted the right to express its opinion. Everybody has joined the EU because they want to benefit from welfare, but if all these countries want to scrape by on welfare, it is not going to work. Germany needs to be allowed to teach these countries how to achieve economic growth and become economically strong like Germany. Germany needs to be allowed to tell them, “You have to make your country wealthier.” Germany needs to be set free. It is unfair.

This is how the EU can be saved.

Right now, the United States’ power to save everybody is waning a little, so Germany needs to make an effort. Both Germany and Japan should be made permanent members of the UN Security Council. This really needs to be said.

The UN Unfairly Favoring Toward WWII Victors, Is in Need of Reforms
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