How to Understand the Importance of El Cantare’s Love

The Question:

Differences in beliefs about love are the cause of many disputes between religious believers. For this reason, as a member of Happy Science, I work to spread the message of El Cantare’s universal, supreme love. Please share some wisdom that will help me to open people’s eyes to the existence of it.

The Answer:

El Cantare Is a “School Principal” for the Gods

You mentioned various concepts related to God’s love in different religions. Well, it might be helpful to you to imagine a school with many different classrooms. In each of the classes, there’s a teacher, who instructs about forty students, and guides them toward the truth as he or she perceives it. If the school principal were to teach all of the students in the school, then they could arrive at a consistent understanding of both the contents and interpretation of the curriculum.

In actuality, the world is divided up into a number of regions similar to the way that school has classrooms. Angelic figures, humans with the powers of angels, and angelic-like, higher, divine creatures are in charge of and guide the “classes,” which usually consist of about forty or fifty, sometimes even a hundred or more people.

This structuring often results in some kind of confusion. It’s okay when a teacher instructs only one class, however, he or she must also explain, “There’s a principal in the school, and everyone ought to pay attention when the principal speaks. If a discrepancy exists between the contents of a lesson and a different teacher’s material, then everyone should try to make the necessary corrections in their various approaches to the content in order to correspond with the principal’s order.” As a rule, teachers should present this explanation to their students.

I accept the fact that many religions have spread throughout various countries and regions of the world. Yet, what is needed sometimes is to recognize the presence of a more powerful, enlightened, and empowered teacher both in this world and in the heavens, who has been a constant source of guidance for all. If students were to allow this concept into their hearts, they might resolve their confusion.


Overcoming Differences With Cosmic Love

El Cantare has a cosmic characteristic. El Cantare’s cosmic expression of love has been interwoven within the very fabric of the consciousness of the universe. As I’ve explained in many of my books, humanoids and human-like beings live all throughout space and on other planets.

These beings are significantly different from humans in appearance, but they also receive teachings on “The Origin of Love,” which directly flow from the Spring of Love. El Cantare is the name of this “Spring of Love”, which I liken to a tree-like structure in the universe. El Cantare appears to me as a tree of universal life-force. El Cantare exists at the heart of the birthplace of every human-like being.

If you are preoccupied with beliefs related to countries, areas, or traditional names for God, then I would request you to set aside those notions for a while, and ponder over the rest of the universe. Countless Earth-like stars exist. Within them, myriad human-like beings study El Cantare’s thought.

There are teachings that describe love. For example, “Love is the beginning and end of everything.” Although many adversities exist, they help to serve you in the accumulation of wisdom. After you experience them, in the end, you will recognize how love has guided you through them.

That’s one of El Cantare’s chief teachings.

How to Understand the Importance of El Cantare’s Love
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