Spiritual Messages from Gandhi

Due to the recent passing of Nelson Mandela and his spiritual message transmitted through Master Ryuho Okawa hours after his death (published in Liberty Magazine and accessible on the Happy Science Web site), it was thought that there might be interest in re-sharing a message recorded in 1984 with Mahatma Gandhi. Mr. Mandela stated in his message his spiritual affinity with Gandhi, and thus we share the following.

Both Gandhi and Mandela were great freedom fighters and leaders who brought revolutionary vision and ideas to humanity. Ideas were so striking and groundbreaking that they have changed the possibility and nature of the soul and mind for all those touched by their messages and example.

Master Ryuho Okawa holds Gandhi in great esteem for his egoless life, stating that by discarding ego Gandhi could accomplish monumental work in this world.

Historically, Gandhi was a ninth dimensional spirit and brother soul of Manu (see note below), the great teacher charged with finding solutions to multi-ethnic problems. (Manu was born as Master Margarit 29,000 years ago in the Lamudia civilization. (For more information, refer to “The Laws of the Sun” published by Master Okawa and available through IRH Press.)


In the book titled “The Truth About Lamudia Taught by Gods” (Japanese translation only), Manu revealed that he was born as Manu in India. He is now deemed the earliest ancestor of humankind, and acknowledged for establishing India’s religious tone.

The teaching of reincarnation and the caste system is also included in Manu’s teachings and how these concepts could inadvertently lead to racism. In the heavenly world, he has been involved in creating the movement to eliminate the racism that caused ethnic conflict.

He also helped guide the late Dr. Martin Luther King who led the civil rights movement in America. Additionally, he helped Russia to become a democratized nation by reviving the Russian Orthodox Church.

He is planning to reform some of the obsolete culture of Hinduism by introducing both the culture and new religious precepts of Japan.

Gandhi’s central challenge is the resolution of the conflict between the races, establishing democratic government, and organizing the resistance movement against imperialistic rule.

Gandhi has taught us how we should comprehend the true intention of Karma in order to solve the problems inherent in the caste system in his beloved India.

Below is a short excerpt from the Spiritual Messages of Mahatma Gandhi recorded on April 30, 1984:


Let the Earth Be a Wonderful World


You, as the greatest leader of India in the modern era, advocated nonviolence and fought through hardships without ever losing your principles in your country while under British rule. Where do you live in the heavenly world and what is your present goal?

Gandhi: I am still working as a leader to give guidance to souls in the heavenly world.

— Who are the historical figures living in the same area of the heavenly world as you?

Gandhi: My companions are – if I pick up Japanese – a man called Shotokutaishi, or Fukuzawa Yukichi, Nakae Chomin, and Ueki Emori, where each worked toward building the nation.

— I understand you are working at a very high spiritual level. You advocated nonviolence while you were alive. Was this principle originated from your religious beliefs?

Gandhi: That is true. However, it was also obvious under the conditions of the times, that had we simply turned to armed conflict Great Britain could have easily crushed India with its small armed forces. This provides another practical reason for my supporting nonviolence.


To Advance This World Is God’s Will


What do you think of the current politics of India? Do you think it can remain as is?

Gandhi: India is still a poor country despite continuing efforts. India should not think lightly of materials if they want to live peacefully, happily, and prosperously.


God Wishes All People Happiness


In India today, as you know, the antiquated caste system still remains along with ancient Buddhism, Hinduism, and other teachings. Unless India breaks with these outdated customs, it will never become a modern state. What are your thoughts on this?

Gandhi: You are right. In reincarnation, there is a principle of “As you sow so you shall reap.” Likewise, in the caste system, “It is assumed that those who are in the lowest caste must have done something wrong, or looked down on those in the lower castes in their previous life. As a result of karma, they now find themselves born into the lowest caste to sow the seeds of karma and accept their fate as destiny or inevitable.”

If viewed casually this may hold true. However, think about it. The very fact that the caste exists may in and of itself create the vicious cycle of karma. In other words, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy, or ‘as you sow, so you shall reap’

If one is born into the lowest caste simply to fulfill karma sowed in a previous life, it may be understandable. However, this may simply be due to the caste system itself.

To end this ongoing cycle, we need to build a ‘wonderful society’. If we make a united effort to create such a world, the vicious cycle will cease to exist.

I want to further comment on what I espoused a while ago. According to the truths of Buddhism, those who erred in the past suffer accordingly. In fact, there are some who are suffering to make up for what they did in past lives. But do not accept the heartless and detached view that, “Therefore it is appropriate to suffer.”

God’s real intention is to ‘wish everyone the ability to improve their lives and to wish widespread happiness’, not ‘One has to pay for what one did in the past.’ It is not God’s will to punish, but rather to teach and uplift people to improve for the better, rather than living a life of desperation with no hope for progress or growth. One should never reduce the teaching to mean: ‘You erred, so you have to make retribution. Only then can you write off your debt.’ That is not the will of God.


A Great Civilization Will Be Created in the Asian Sphere


The period known as the Meiji Restoration was a time of political revolution in Japan. We fully embraced democracy after the Second World War, and catapulted Japan into one of the most developed countries in the world. Do you think that India, having never gone through such revolutionary unrest, was unable to grow beyond its ancient systems or ways of thinking?

Gandhi: Gods has various intents. It is not God’s vision to leave India as it is. However to bring change, the people in India must also exert their own efforts.

In Japan where you are growing closer to utopia, you need to continue to further deepen spiritual understanding. Each nation, each people have their own different stages of development.

Japan’s present prosperity is due to the fact that a number of great spirits, having achieved success in various disciplines, were born into Japan to create the state.

We have to form the basis of the nation for such great spirits to provide an example that will enhance India, too. Such great spirits seek places in which they can play effective, active roles.

While looking at the slower advancing places on earth, these spirits plan their time and destination of birth. When the time is appropriate and those on the planet are ready, these spirits are born. They will never incarnate into societies similar to those they have already experienced because it is their goal to bring growth to the spirit and uplift the human condition.

— Is there the possibility that new guiding spirits of light will be born in China, India, or South-Asian countries?

Gandhi: Yes, but each country must create an environment for them beforehand.

— That is where Japan can offer some help, right?

Gandhi: Yes, you have to.

The cultural center will move to Asia, where a great civilization will take root. Not only Japan, but all the Asian countries including Korea, China, India, Ceylon (Sri Lanka), Indonesia, and Malaysia, have to make united efforts to develop cultures under a great idea. Such a period of time is just commencing.

Spiritual Messages from Gandhi
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