Why Are We Publishing the Spiritual Messages Series? (Part 2)


Ryuho Okawa has published a large series on spiritual messages, but I often am told by acquaintances of mine that they can not believe in “spiritual messages.” Why are spiritual messages so important?

Master Okawa’s Answer:

We Are Concretely Revealing the Reality of Spiritual Phenomena

I can go on writing my books without necessarily mentioning spiritual messages. However, the reason why I keep publishing spiritual messages is because I truly want all of you to know about it, and that it is indeed for the sake of salvation. I can understand those who might think that, “it’s scary to hear the words, ‘spiritual messages’”; or, “those words, ‘spiritual messages’, can be a bit scary”; or, “I wish this part would remain hidden”, but there are those who ‘starve to death’ from not knowing the truth and so there may be cases where this must be metaphorically force-fed like an I.V. drip. This is what spiritual messages are for.

At any rate, I certainly can feel the resistance or growing distaste for these messages, but this indicates their growing influence.

The fact is there are spirits who find it inconvenient to be made aware of the spiritual realm where right and wrong clearly exist. For those spirits that have come to this world to do negative deeds, it is more convenient for them if the ‘spiritual realm’ did not exist. Without consciousness of the “spiritual realm”, they can continue to perform harmful acts; however, once the truth is known then this can no longer continue. That is the most important point.

There are some people who, having read only theoretical books, may assert: “To love the Lord is to become one with the Lord”, and actually become a spirit upon death and enter my body with their silver cord still attached. Without teaching them that such phenomena indeed exists beyond the theoretical, confusion abounds, and inevitably there will be areas where salvation sadly can not be reached.

If we do not reinforce the teaching of spiritual phenomena, many will not understand it concretely. Through spiritual messages we are sharing the knowledge that there are many spirits saying many different things, and that they are unique, and think and express themselves differently.


To Break Apart the “Common Sense” That Sees Religion and Spirituality as Taboo Subjects…

In modern times, there are strong tendencies to ignore spiritual messages, Many have carried over memories of persecution and immediate death sentences from past for talking about spiritual matters; it is not as bad today. If we endure and persist in our efforts to expand spiritual teaching, then sometime, somehow our efforts will be recognized even if closed mindedness still prevails.

It seems that Happy Science is being recognized abroad, and there are many places where religious matters are received positively in the world. Even in countries where it was my first time visiting, my preachings were often welcomed and even broadcast live.

In Japan it is a taboo for anyone connected with religion to appear on television. It is not permitted for people from religious institutions, including the Happiness Realization Party, to be heard.
The rationale presented is: “It is unethical to espouse religion on television”.

We must tear down these walls that have been built up. This is not common sense for the world, but rather the lack of it.

Artistic works of the world, such as films or other forms of art that express the spiritual or mystical world actually have deep artistic value. In Japan, however, such works are regarded as fictions or fantasy and difficult to perceive of as real. I believe we must somehow reverse this state of affairs.

My work may appear to be futile, or at best difficult, but somewhere within, humans are always thinking, “What if?” These days I emphasize a great many topical issues. I also utilize some celebrities, to encourage people who usually don’t attend meetings regarding religious truths. It is part of my mission to expand understanding and to create the chance for people to receive the spiritual messages so that they might indeed think, “What if?”

A certain weekly magazine has mockingly compared the spiritual messages to some sort of channeling gimmick, like the Japanese “Itako”. Well then, let’s have these “Itako” mediums — however many of them that are left in Japan — produce the type of spiritual messages that we are producing. Can the “Itako” mediums produce spiritual messages with the high level content we have? If they can, not only would I be impressed, but would welcome them to produce these. If the “Itako” mediums in Aomori or Iwate can produce spiritual messages by such spirits as Mother Teresa in English, then I’d be pleased to see it. They cannot.

It must be known that there is true value in pursuing truths that are a challenge. However, the time will come when those who may not agree with us now will praise us eventually for persisting when things were difficult.


Matters That Are Met With the Strongest Opposition Are Often Those Issues That Hold Within Them the Greatest Truth

This morning, before leaving, I was proofreading the English teaching material I’m creating. Amongst these is a speech we are recording by the African-American, Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. from 50 years ago. Dr. King was famous for the phrase “I have a dream.” America is a democratic country, but 50 years ago they had clear segregation, and in parts of the country, blacks could not ride on the same bus with whites, nor go to the same schools.

Today they may have a black President in the White House, but in some neighborhoods a taxi still might still refuse to stop for black people.

The Black Liberation Movement began approximately 50 years ago in America, coincidentally by Harry S. Truman, the same man
who dropped the atomic bomb on Japan. There are some who say Truman dropped the atomic bomb on Japan because the Japanese are a colored people, and that he would not have dropped it on white Germany. But he did drop it on Japan. Truman regretted this horrific act, and it may have been in penitence that he supported the Black liberation movement and fostered civil rights when it was both unheard of and unpopular.

The war that Japan had fought was connected to the liberation of colonialism in Asia and Africa, but in fact, it was also connected to the liberation movements of African-Americans and immigrants.

Dr. King had been assassinated during that era, but 50 years later people still look back and honor him as a great man. Such is the folly of humanity in this world. The fact is, things that are met with strong opposition often are the issues that hold within them the greatest truths. If people easily accept something, it is often that such matters are not really worth that much.


The Truth Is That There Are Spiritual Messages, and the Truth Is Strong

It might be difficult indeed to have spiritual phenomena recognized. My personal credibility and abilities are not enough. What we need is the collective credibility each believer possesses.

If you presently lack such belief, then perhaps there is someone around you who has it and can share and communicate it. In many instances older people have an advantage. Older people tend to be more persuasive because of their greater experience.

Currently we have published spiritual messages on the Yasukuni problem, and we have been seeing an increase in members who are in their 90s. I am happy that seniors who are 93 years old, or 96 years old, are starting to join. I can see how our religion is expanding.

It also means that many people who have been suffering since the war and were left in a hopeless state are finally able to come to the truth and find spiritual peace.

People in their 90s are seeking rational explanations for the war. They had suffered much, wondering, “What in the world was that about?” “Were we Japanese really the evil ones?” “Did we do evil?” “Must we repent?” Television and the newspapers are full of articles that make them wonder about such things. However, some of these questioning seniors finally are able to have the opportunity to hear what Happy Science has to say and they are starting to become members.

There are still so many people out there who are searching. Indeed, if we increase our numbers and have those with understanding and credibility do good work, I believe our missionary work shall certainly progress.

The truth is that there are spiritual messages. The truth is strong. As Galileo said, “And yet it moves,” Thus I also tell you “it moves”.

“The spiritual realm does exist.”

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Why Are We Publishing the Spiritual Messages Series? (Part 2)
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