Spiritual Messages from Nelson Mandela:
His Messages from the Other World Six Hours After His Death

South Africa’s icon for the anti-apartheid movement and the first black president died on Thursday, the 5th of December at age 95.

His defiance of the white minority rule put him in prison for 27 years. After his release from prison in 1990, he continued to fight against legalized racial segregation. It led to the emancipation of South Africa from white rule. Despite his years of hardships, isolation, and oppression, with a heart free from hate, he became a president in his country in 1994.

Merely 6 hours after his death, Nelson Mandela’s spirit visited Master Ryuho Okawa, the founder and CEO of Happy Science.

In Mr. Mandela’s spiritual messages, his spirit taught us about how God’s will inspired him, motivated him, and provided passion in his life. Archbishop Desmond Tutu described Mr. Mandela as “an amazing gift to humankind”, and his spiritual messages have also proved it. From the beginning of the interview, Mr. Mandela spoke in a warm, cheerful, and kind manner. He actually showed some interest in the interview.

Below please find a small portion of Mr. Mandela’s spiritual messages. They will be a source of great blessings for humanity. (IRH Press will publish them in a book at the end of December.)


Mr. Mandela Visited Master Ryuho Okawa to Prove the Existence of the Afterlife.

Mr. Mandela revealed that when he died Margaret Thatcher and John Fitzgerald Kennedy actually visited him. They made a recommendation for Mr. Mandela. “It’s important for you to share your comments with people in the world through Master Ryuho Okawa.” Thus, he decided to visit with Master Okawa to “prove the existence of the afterlife.”

Margaret Thatcher also shared her spiritual vision with Master Okawa in the form of messages, which he recorded right after her death. That interview became widely known after a writer described Master Okawa’s work in an online article in an edition of the New York Times.

Within 24 hours of death, a person’s soul and body are still connected through what people call “a silver cord”. Therefore, Master Okawa usually records spiritual messages after that period. However, in this instance, Mr. Mandela’s spirit appeared to be fully aware of the mechanism. He claimed, “I know Happy Science. Happy Science is famous in Africa.” This spiritual recording was especially miraculous in the sense that Master Okawa communicated with him while his body was still connected to his soul.


How Did He Endure 27 Years of Incarceration?

When asked how he could persevere through 27 years of imprisonment, Mr. Mandela answered, “It was my test from God. The only way, I navigated such extreme experiences, was to keep a little hope for the future and a small light of love in my heart. I prayed to God every day for the people who were victims of the racist white rule.”


Who Guided Mr. Mandela?

The Spirit of Mandela also told the interviewer that Jesus had inspired him. While he was in jail, Jesus implored, “Be courageous, and never give up. Your day will come.” Mr. Mandela added, and it was astonishing, that JFK, who attempted to enact civil rights legislation before his death, also came over to inspire him sometimes.


Education Is the Key to Overcome Poverty in Africa.

With regards to conquering poverty in Africa, he decisively stated:

Education needs to come first. We must follow the example of Japanese modernization. We need the equality of chance and of challenge. We need to grow our economy, not only South Africa, but for every African country as well. We’ve had opportunities to grow because we’ve had bountiful resources. They were lost, due to Western colonization, but now we can create new wealth on the continent. We should establish industry and make profits. We should receive a good education in order to elevate our knowledge and spirituality. We must also prove that we are all equal as human beings. We are neither inferior to Europe nor to America. We should rise like the people of Japan did when they finished the war. We have the potential.


How Does Mr. Mandela Perceive China?

When Happy Science staff asked Mr. Mandela about China’s expansionism, he saw through the veil, “The Chinese seek resources and minerals, from the Earth because of the industrialization of the country and the unquenchable needs of their immense population. […] They want to become the champions of the world, but the communist government has no moral imperative or love for the people. Chinese leaders do not receive guidance from God. They are simply dictators. I don’t believe in dictatorships or authoritarian regimes. I would never agree to such a system.”


How Did Mr. Mandela Evaluate WWII and Japan’s Role in the Conflict?

When Mr. Mandela answered a question on the significance of the last war, he said:

If Japan had won at that time, there would have been no Apartheid after World War II, and I would not have been imprisoned for 27 years. If Japan had won the war, I would have been free from the beginning, and could have served as a politician to redefine the new South Africa much sooner. I lost 27 years on account of Apartheid. If the white minority rulers had ended their immoral imposition of the Apartheid system earlier, then history, of course, would have been very different.”

Mr. Mandela noted, “The Japanese fought for the sake of the liberation of the African people. We were very appreciative of Japan.” In his final message with Master Ryuho Okawa regarding people from Africa, Mr. Mandela shared his expectations for Japan:

Love each other, and be confident. Knowledge will provide new power. Please look East to Japan’s strength. Japan is your new teacher and will become a new leader of the world.”

Those remarks actually coincided with comments that Mr. Mandela made while he was alive. He highly regarded Japanese advancements in the last Asian war. “If the Japanese military had advanced to Egypt, South Africa could have declared independence in the 1950’s.


No Grounds Exist for Racism If You Can See Your Life from the Perspective of the Soul Level.

Mr. Mandela made one last important point. During the end of his interview, he explained his view on equality. With regard to gender, he said, “Your religion has already taught that men and women are equal as souls. Even though God created souls as man or woman, this was not an act of discrimination. It was merely based on differences in the functions of the sexes. Mr. Mandela also referred to the need to expand Islamic people’s understanding regarding God’s inclusive imperative to bring equality to religious adherents in order to become at one with God’s real purpose.” Every person should cooperate to make a Utopia on Earth.

With respect to racism, Mandela stated:

Human beings are in reality souls, and souls have the power to think. The body is merely a vessel for the soul, and is not the reality of the human-being. This is the reason why discrimination, based on race, has no bearing or meaning in terms of spirit. God creates souls and many of them dispatch to Earth. People of color are born as humans, and they might be white or yellow or black. However, we are all born equal in the eyes of God. It’s the fundamental thread that connects us all. This is the proof. This is the truth. The soul has no color; It’s transparent. The soul has the energy of thought and the active energy of creation. This acceptance is the real point of religion. This is the real point of equality and freedom.

In addition to the above messages, Nelson Mandela spoke of the following:

  • His vision of Israel today;
  • His thoughts on Islamic teachings;
  • His views on Democracy;
  • What he thinks about the role of information technology;
  • Improving morality in Africa; and
  • What his life was like as a revered figure of the Old Testament.

Master Okawa’s forthcoming book regarding Nelson Mandela will be published late December, 2013 by IRH Press, and will be available through Amazon.com.

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