Obamacare Will Ultimately Invade the Property Rights That Constitute Freedom:
Americans Need to Be Told What's at Stake With Obamacare

The mainstream media has been harshly blaming the GOP for the recent government shut down.

However, this matter is of great importance, and it could change the founding fathers’ interpretation of what the true spirit of America should be. In order to be an “asylum for mankind” (Thomas Pain) for people who seek liberty and freedom, I believe you should maintain the GOP’s policy.

Master Okawa, the founder and CEO of Happy Science, the largest religious group in Japan, referred to Obamacare in his recent lecture. He pointed out how it would invade property rights and establish an atmosphere of false egalitarianism because property rights are and have been some of the most important guarantees of individual freedom.

In a recent lecture, Master Okawa also noted:

Today, I’m seeing a bad form of ‘liberalism’, which embraces an illusion regarding its ability to create some type of supposed wealthy, communist society. However, within this system, the government will use its authority to take away assets that hard workers and people with know-how generated, and redistribute them. As a result, more and more people, who live with such rules, will chose not to do any work.
This unfortunately runs contrary to the spirit of mercy, and ends up as a way to demoralize people.

I believe people are children of God that receive opportunities to change their lives as a result of individual efforts. I must say a citizen, who lives one’s life with a dependency on the government, will impair his or her capacity for self-reliance and ruin the reason why his or her soul was born into this world in the first place.

With regard to equality and liberty, Master Okawa has stated:

Since the French Revolution, people have been fighting for freedom and equality, and most people think of them as opposing forces. In my view, however, this way of thinking has proven too shallow. If leaders could guarantee freedom, then equality might have a chance to follow. On the other hand, if citizens were to make it their goal to achieve equality, freedom would then end up being suppressed.
In general, society must be very oppressive since its goal is to enforce the same standard of living for everybody – whether it’s for Bill Gates or for somebody who just works at a company that’s about to go bust.
I believe envy has its root in this idea, and I don’t want to allow this negative force to control me. Obama will hopefully not succumb to this weakness.

Moreover, in spiritual messages from Friedrich von Hayek (note), he warned us that if a nation were to control everything, lawmakers could legislate laws that state people over sixty five are of a waste of budgetary resources and should be sent to gas chambers. Although this sounds extreme, Ezekiel Emanuel, the architect of Obamacare, was thinking about age discrimination. The older you get, the less worthy you become, which means less chances exist to receive medical treatment with government medical insurance.

(Please note: Master Okawa has given more than 2,100 lectures, which include Hayek’s spiritual messages. Based on the record from the spiritual messages series, Master Okawa has been discovering new ideas on justice and exploring where the great figures of the past are now, and what they’ve been doing since their deaths.)

The Congressional Budget Office estimated that it’ll cover only about 40% of the uninsured. It promised lower premiums for families – but premium costs for families look likely to increase. It also promised lower health care costs for government – but those costs are not apparently decreasing.

Considering the poor and unsustainable design of the government’s medical care system, you should fear a limitless invasion of your rights to property and the ultimate robbing of your citizens’ freedom.

Although the media has been criticizing the GOP, the recent government shutdown shows that Washington works. Your country’s founding fathers wanted tension between the legislative and executive branches. In order to preserve freedom from the dangers of dictatorship, ‘commoners’ in the legislative branch reserved the right to refuse to support the President with people’s money if they had opinions in conflict with their leadership. Therefore, Article I of the Constitution granted legislative power to Congress.

It remains clear to me that your party’s policy isn’t wrong. Americans need to understand what’s at stake with Obamacare. Your country now stands at the crossroads on whether to choose liberty over equality. I sincerely hope you can restore America’s greatness, which self-reliance and religious freedom helped to establish. Maintain your great nation and its security role for the peace and liberty of the entire world.

Hanako Cho
Senior Editor

Obamacare Will Ultimately Invade the Property Rights That Constitute Freedom:
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