How Did Jesus Evaluate the Church? :
Jesus Didn’t Create Any of the Church Rules Including Clerical Celibacy, Forbiddance of Divorce, and Abortion

How does Jesus Christ evaluate the institution of the Church? In the spiritual messages from Jesus Christ, which Master Ryuho Okawa, founder and CEO of Happy Science recorded on July 21st, the spirit of Jesus said that he didn’t make any rules on clerical celibacy, the forbiddance of divorce, and abortion. He suggested that had he established the Church, it would have looked very different. According to Jesus, the parting of ways between Mary Magdalene and Peter resulted in deep problems for his religious institution.

Furthermore, Jesus revealed that he supplied President Wilson with ideas for the creation of the League of Nations in order to avoid a large-scale war. In addition, he also gave his take on the American War in Iraq. The latter half of Jesus’ spiritual messages showed us how he’s been watching over us from the heavenly world. Jesus has also been an influential player in world politics.

Below is an extract of Jesus Christ’s spiritual message. (It’s a continuation of part 1.)


Asking Jesus Christ: The Same-Sex Marriage Issue, Regarding Gender and Love (Part 2)


Jesus Didn’t Create the Institution of the Church

–You mentioned how contradictions in Christianity have arisen. The Popes from Benedict XVI to Francis I symbolize the changing times. Can you tell us your intentions behind these changes, or provide some guidance for us from the spiritual world?

Jesus Christ: I believe the changes were judged based upon common sense. There’s been a lot of criticism from within the church. Since the Pope receives much attention from the rest of the world, he’s in a position that’s constantly checked. If the public were to expose some kind of serious corruption, the institution would be at risk of collapse.

On the whole, this (the current institution of the church) isn’t something that I created. I wasn’t the one who determined the rules and regulations that ordered the church leaders to continue the Papacy. Because I died, some followers might say things like “Jesus made it for us,” but it was really the will of those people who survived me, and those Christians that later became my core disciples.

While I was alive, I was hardly able to make a single church. Then, the governing officials crucified me on the cross, and I departed from this world. Had I been able to create the institution of the church while I was alive, perhaps people’s way of thinking would be different now.

For example, I was not the person who decided that successive generations of the Vatican leadership must remain unmarried. The current rules don’t allow Popes to marry, but I wouldn’t have made such a decision.

However, for Popes of clergies to remain unmarried for their entire lives, is in some ways, a truly amazing thing. For the type of person who clings to power, and for someone with such political power, it’s amazing that the Pope would decide not to marry.

It typically gives rise to abnormalities, which develop into abnormal desires for authority and for power. People dissolve the stress in myriad ways as compensation for their asceticism. Something must have been done behind the scenes.


I Did Not Make Decisions on Divorce, Birth Control, and Abortion

–For the Catholic Church, there isn’t only the problem of homosexuality and same-sex marriage. Various other debates exist such as to whether the church should recognize divorce, as well as problems over birth control and abortion.

Jesus: I didn’t make those decisions; I didn’t establish those rules. St. Peter and the rest of the Christian followers created the systems.

— There’s speculation over whether you were married and might have had a child while you are alive. Would you please give us your comments on this matter?


Peter Believed That Money and Women Caused the Crucifixion of Jesus

Jesus: The root cause for that question lies in the relationship between Peter and Mary Magdalene. The relationship between the two of them became decidedly bad, and it caused an even greater issue later on. Even more so, while I was alive, Judas, who was the moneychangers, held the purse strings. Judas used to collect the money, and he was in charge of the food supply for everyone.

Getting to the point, it was probably Peter who determined that money and women were the downfall of mankind, and that money and women were the cause for my crucifixion. That’s to say, Judas, who collected my money, betrayed me, and there was the bad rumor about his closeness with Mary Magdalene, which was thought of as immoral.

If the people who created the Bible were capable of fabricating it, and they had the power to write the bloodline from the children of King David to Jesus Christ, then they would have written the wife of Jesus to be a princess from a royal family somewhere. Yet, due to the large number of witnesses, of course, those early Christian editors couldn’t have portrayed his life that way.

Many people knew that Mary Magdalene was a high-class prostitute, which was a fact that I could not hide, and the people that followed me put effort into minimizing the relationship.

At the beginning, when I had only 12 disciples, or actually 11 disciples since Judas committed suicide, those 11 disciples broke away from Mary Magdalene. As a result, Mary Magdalene fled from Egypt to an island in the Mediterranean Sea.


The Contradictions of Faith That Arose Only at the Time When the “Lord” Was in the Flesh on Earth.

–Now, as we move forward with our mission in Christian countries such as America and Europe, the worship of Ryuho Okawa, who’s living on this earth as a human being, who should be deemed as God, is one thing that’s beginning to cause an obstacle to the spread of the El Cantare faith. We have been receiving powerful backlashes from people who say they cannot accept it for this reason. How can we overcome their skepticism?

Jesus: It’s probably happening because you’re rushing. While I was alive, I didn’t refer to myself as “God.” I referred to the person in heaven as “Lord”, which was actually not I. I’ve said that I’m God’s only child, but after I returned to heaven, people began to see me as synonymous with God, and they referred to me as “Lord”. Then, everyone became mixed up.

When the Japanese deified the Emperor in the last world war, the deification of an actual person seemed like a somewhat barbaric form of reverence and quite uncivilized from the perspective of the Christian nations in the West.

According to the Islamic perspective, it teaches that Muhammad was a prophet, and not God, and held the idea that God will not appear in this world. When asked why, the reason was because God was omniscient and omnipotent. As a result, he could not have made an appearance in this world of limitations. If he were born into this world, then he would have to cease his omniscience and omnipotence.

Because God’s powers would become limited, no matter what he was to do, the Muslim people have shared this understanding, “God won’t be born in this world.”

However, since the Islamic and Christian traditions haven’t recognized the structure of spiritual body, their adherents haven’t been able to understand this issue fully.

Here, the point is that people only see a part of God (such as the appearance of Ryuho Okawa in this world), and everything isn’t put on display. To continue with the example, in the future when Master Okawa loses his physical body, he’ll merge again with the Supreme Consciousness, El Cantare. I believe this is a contradiction in terms that only occurs when people take physical forms on Earth.


Jesus Explained an Indian Religious Perspective on How a Part of God Can Appear on Earth

Jesus: This isn’t really all that mysterious for people who have studied and understood Hinduism, the religion of India. They have held the belief that the Buddha, who was born on Earth, was really an incarnation of Vishnu. The concept that a fundamental god existed, and that a part of him could have incarnated on Earth, well, that already occurred in India, and reality has been seemingly close to that concept.

The existence of a god with the power to incarnate and to appear in this world is incredibly difficult, and it’s only possible for a part of god to take such a form. This is certainly a problem from the religious perspective.

What people find “unbelievable”, people don’t need to believe, but it’s clear that I was nothing more than the son of a carpenter.

I quickly began my sermons in the temple because I was just the son of a carpenter, and people really didn’t know me as a religious figure. My actual mother, Mary, didn’t believe any of my messages while I preached.

That was who I was. However, over subsequent generations, people deified me.

While I was alive, it was just “father and son”, or “The Lord God and I,” but eventually people’s concept of father and son became a single unit.

I think you can understand this point as a feature of faith, if you have studied world religions, but if you find it unbelievable, I don’t mind the opposite either. You could also say that I appeared in this world on behalf of the Christ spirit. Since I couldn’t save this world, savior who has become even more powerful than me, has come into full view. It’d be wonderful if you reflect on the situation in this way.


Even American Presidents Periodically Receive Spiritual Advice From Jesus Such As the Guidance President Wilson Obtained on the League of Nations

–You can give just a quick answer, but some time ago Master Okawa summoned the spirit of the former Japanese Prime Minister Masayoshi Ohira (In his past life, he was born as Matthew, Apostle and Evangelist). He said that Jesus guided President Wilson (see The Great Rebirth of Masayoshi Ohira, Science of Happiness Publications (Japanese Only)).

If that’s in fact true, what kind of work did Jesus attempt to perform through President Wilson?

Jesus: I wanted to do something to avoid a large-scale war. I thought it’d be virtuous to create a force composed of important countries that would deter bloodshed through discussions much like the role of parliaments in most countries. It’s true that I supplied him with those ideas. That fact is that I delivered spiritual guidance to Wilson, and it was the origin of his ideas.

America itself, i.e., the American people and Congress, unfortunately presented a negative outward appearance toward the League of Nations. The group didn’t have enough military power, and as a consequence it was unable to deter war.

Regret over the League resulted in the development of the United Nations Forces for the UN.


America Must Admit Its Past Mistakes

— America should act as a world leader. If you were to give advice to the American politician, what would you propose they do?

Jesus: America is suffering. Yes, it’s in pain.

Perhaps it did emerge as the winner of the Cold War between the U.S. and the Soviet Union, but since the Vietnam War, if truth were told, the U.S. has lost wars. Even if people were to say, “America won the Iraqi war,” if the real citizens of America had actually seen all of the killing and the murderous violence that occurred in Iraq, where wide gaps existed between the U.S. and Iraqi levels of human development, it would have been a massive shock for them.

The violence was so terrible that the media practically couldn’t stand to photograph it. The death tolls numbered in the hundreds of thousands. If the American public had actually seen it, they would have been shocked. In addition, the President’s decision to go to war might have possibly been a mistake.

To make use of a sport’s analogy, it was like when one fighter aims for his opponent’s jaw in boxing, but misses, and punches the referee. America is playing a kind of game, and it has made many mistakes.

Right now, the Shinto gods are rallying together, because there have been historical issues over how the world has judged and recorded the last war.

At the time of the Second World War, America treated Japan as an “evil empire,” and that same Japan now has an alliance with the States. The Japanese gods are presently saying, “Our assessment calls for a 180 degree change, and it’s wrong for America to take all the credit.”

I have something that will touch a few more points.

America won’t admit this while feeling so proud of its superiority as a civilization, but from now on, suffering will befall America as well. Somewhere down the line, the two countries will discuss matters on an equal footing. The time will come sooner than later.

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