Christianity vs. Islam (Part 7)
What Is the Relationship Between the Christian God and Allah?


Both Christianity and Islam Have Come to Believe in Two Gods

Now, Christianity, which sprung from Judaism, has also adopted an acknowledgement of this confused God. When you read the gospels of the New Testament, what guided Jesus Christ was the God of Love; a God that you can feel has an affinity with Elohim. If you read the Bible with an unbiased eye, then it will become clear to you that the characteristics of the God that guided Jesus are different from Yahweh.

However, as long as you consider Christianity’s God and Judaism’s God to be the same, then it is the same God as the one that previously ordered the massacre of other races. Later Christians preaching sublime love on the one hand, while inflicting all manner of brutality on heretics and pagans on the other, can be said to have originated from the two faces of this God (a Janus nature).

What is the situation with Islam, which conflicts with Christianity? Muslims also consider their own God and the Jewish and Christian God to be the same. Therefore, when you look at God’s messages recorded in the Koran, a two-sided personality noticeably emerges. While their God shows great compassion towards widows and orphans, he also orders the merciless slaughter of forces hostile to Islam. Because it is modeled on the Old Testament, the confusion over Elohim and Yahweh may have persisted without being cleared up.

This was at a time when the Muslim God was ideologically viewed, but if you etymologically examine the word “Allah” meaning “God” in Arabic, you can see a separate side.

There are a variety of theories on its etymology, but what is fascinating is that all of them indicate the origin in each language is an “El” equivalent. For example, “Ilah” in Arabic and “Alaha” in Syriac.

These words also generally refer to “God”. However, if you consider the fact that the name of the greatest God enshrined in Kaaba in the polytheistic era before Muhammad was “Allah”, then it is fair to say that belief in him as a specific God had taken root.

While Muhammad eliminated all Gods except for El (Ilah), he carried on the personality of the Jewish and Christian Gods with his connection to those religious traditions.

It is in this way that an Elohim-like element (El) and a Yahweh-like element came to coexist in all three religions.


Is Yahweh’s Exclusiveness and Aggression the Cause of Religious Conflict?

To resolve the conflict, which involves these three religions, is currently a pressing issue. Since they have Yahweh-like aggression towards each other, the fighting will not end. With any of these religions, when it comes to crunch time, Yahweh’s aggression pushes aside Elohim’s tolerance, and shows its face.

Followers of the three religions will not admit that they believe in multiple Gods or one that is a fusion. They may not give the slightest consideration to background briefings on, for example, the creation process of the Book of Revelations or etymological origins.

However, if a Yahweh-like element is the cause of the religious conflict that continues to present, then it is necessary to confront it at any cost.

What may be necessary now is a classification of the Gods that clearly separates the universal God from the minor, exclusive, ethnic gods.

Discovering the element of Elohim (El), the universal God of Love in our own religion and other people’s one…This is where the key to religious dialogue and understanding lies.

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Christianity vs. Islam (Part 7)
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